The Belmont County Gifted Advisory Council (GAC) and the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center Gifted Department will host the 21st Annual Sixth Grade Academic Field Day on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at the J.B. Martin Recreation Center located at the old Belmont County Fairgrounds. This daylong program of mental exercises is designed to challenge and enrich the students’ intellect and allow them to interact with gifted students from other school districts. The students will take part in “classes” such as Construction, Mini Quiz Bowl, SET!, Silent Sculpting, Think A Grams, Paper Stretching, Cup Stack and Brain Strain.
 Approximately 90 sixth grade gifted/talented students from the public school districts in Belmont County will take part. Students are randomly placed on teams with students from other schools. The teams consist of 5-6 members. One of the goals is to get the gifted students together to share and learn about other programs and not necessarily be one school against another.
 All students participating receive a certificate. The top three places in each activity will also be awarded stickers,
 The Gifted Advisory Council is comprised of educators from the public school districts in Belmont County who contact with the Educational Service Center for gifted services. The group strives to provide quality educational experiences for students, teachers, and parents.
Members of the GAC are as follows: Barnesville - Jean Gallagher; Bellaire - Jennifer Kaczor; Bridgeport - Susie Deihl; Martins Ferry - Barbie McKeegan; Shadyside - Chelsey Stephens; St. Clairsville - Mindy Husek; Union Local - Robin Sefsick, Melissa Steadman, Kelly Butler; and East Central Ohio ESC - Lisa Stupak, Lynne Mamone.
County assignments for the Sixth Grade Field Day are: Ashtabula - Kyden Anderson (Barnesville), Thomas Ervin (Barnesville), Ethan Browne (Bellaire), Hannah Coffield (Bridgeport), Paige Gorby (Shadyside); Defiance - Brody Carpenter (Barnesville), Jude Hannahs (Barnesville), Taylor Day (Bridgeport), Alex Baker (Shadyside), Ryan Jeffries (St. Clairsville); Huron - Chase Conner (Barnesville), Jeremy Hunkler (Barnesville), Tyler Edgar (Bellaire), Korey Beckett (Shadyside), Evan Kramerick (St. Clairsville); Henry - Olivia Fisher (Barnesville), Tessa Johnson (Barnesville), Aidan Frazier (Bellaire); Heather Dawson (Bridgeport), Colby Shriver (Martins Ferry), Liam Drake (Union Local); Hocking - Ethan Leach (Barnesville), Zachary Fletcher (Bridgeport), Jackson Romshak (Martins Ferry), Mason Vannest (Shadyside), Nathan Woollard (Union Local); Mahoning - Cayden Lough (Barnesville), Griffen Stephen (Barnesville), Maxwell Stopski (Bridgeport), Hunter Lude (Martins Ferry); Ryan Zumpano (Shadyside); Marion - Weston Lucas (Barnesville), Jett Stephen (Barnesville), Alizabeth Lude (Martins Ferry), Isabella Harper (Shadyside), Savanna White (Union Local); Noble - Samantha Murphy (Barnesville), Hailey Stewart (Barnesville), Abigail Matusik (Bridgeport), Trent Lewis (Martin’s Ferry), Sawyer Moore (Union Local); Pickaway - Kason Powell (Barnesville), Karlee Wehr (Barnesville), Aidan McNama (Bellaire), Kayleigh Lashare (Martins Ferry), Jacob James (Shadyside); Ross - Baylee Rex (Barnesville), Savanna Robinson (Barnesville), Bradley Kosky (Bellaire), Damien McCurdy (Bridgeport), Connor Luster (Union Local); Scioto - Kailee Swallie (Barnesville), Owyn Wise (Barnesville), Kayla Nowakowski (Bridgeport), Linh Le (St. Clairsville), Ava Lucas (Union Local); Trumbull - Kaylee Wehr (Barnesville), Nicholas Piergallini (Bellaire), Alexis Klimas (bridgeport), Coltin Larkins (Martins Ferry), Mackenzie Keene (Shadyside); Union - Nick Wineman (Barnesville), Zoe Showalter (Barnesville), Benjamin Kosky (Martins Ferry), Leyla Khamsoucksally (Shadyside), Gwen Kovacs (Union Local); Vinton - Cade Boulet (Barnesville), Zander Boston (Barnesville), Alexis Hoffman (Martins Ferry), Kya Lipperman (Shadyside), Jonah Matko (St. Clairsville), Shelby Hannahs (Union Local); Washington - Jasmine Caldwell (Barnesville), Joshua Dalrymple (Martins Ferry), Kallie Long (Shadyside), Molly Murphy (St. Clairsville), Matthew Grob (Union Local); Wyandot - Anthony Chance (Barnesville), Jocelyn Donahue (Martins Ferry), Rachel Roman (Shadyside), Kelsey Smith (St. Clairsville), Ryan Anderson (Union Local).