With the completion of the First National bank sign (on the back of the current Ohio Hills Health Services building) “Barn Artist” Scott Hagan began a mural project to recreate vintage advertising signs on some downtown buildings. At the Monday, August 24 Barnesville Village  Council meeting, Council President Tim McKelvey said Hagan would begin with the First National bank sign McKelvey, who obtained a grant from the Belmont County Tourism Bureau for the project for $1,200,  said the project will eventually include the former Mayfair building on East Main Street and  a mural painted by the Barnesville High School art club students on the side of the water department building that will reflect Barnesville’s history.
At the meeting, Police Chief David Norris announced that officer Chris Hanes had resigned.  “He was a good officer  and a good [school] resource officer,” Norris said. “Unfortunately, we will have to replace him.”
Mayor Dale Bunting agreed that Hanes was a good officer and would be difficult to replace.
McKelvey added,  “Hanes had a good rapport with the high school and middle school students”.
Councilman Tony Johnson asked if the school resource officer position (jointly funded by the village and the Barnesville Exempted Village School District) would  continue. Norris said John Fox will continue to be the resource officer at the elementary school, and the chief and others would fill in for Hanes until a replacement is found.
Mayor Bunting thanked the Ohio Department of Transportation for the “quick turnaround” on the State Route 147 East bridge replacement project that was completed on August 19, and for their cooperation with the village’s fire department and emergency squad to open the road a week before that for emergency personnel.
“I know it was an inconvenience for a while, but we appreciate their quick turnaround on the project,” Bunting said.
Village Administrator Roger Deal reported that the milling of village streets in the paving project had begun that day with Hunts Avenue before the milling machine broke down. He said the milling would continue with South Arch, Vine and Franklin streets. Deal said the milling, which was subcontracted, would be followed by the application of fabric before the paving begins. He said South Chestnut Street may also be included. Deal and McKelvey agreed that while time consuming, the three-step process was well worth the wait. Johnson added that the application of fabric on Railroad Street seemed to be working well.
Richard Waugh of ADR  & Associates addressed council regarding the Slope Creek Waterline design. He said he had given council a design proposal two week ago and after talking with ADR he was able to get a fixed fee of $202,500 to design the waterline and pump station. The price will also include the survey.
McKelvey asked Deal if the village was seeking payback for salt purchased through the state purchasing program. Deal said he had filed paperwork and while the claims can go back to 2008, he had only kept records since 2009.
As part of a series of suggestions made during a state audit, council passed Resolution #3701 creating a credit card policy. Deal said the policy was reviewed by himself, Fiscal Officer Patricia Van Fossen and Village Solicitor Marlin Harper. Harper made a suggested change in the wording of one paragraph.
Deal said council was also given copies of a travel and meal policy to review and later would be asked to approve a vehicle use policy and a cell phone policy. Deal said all the policies were suggested by the state auditor’s office.
Chief Norris asked if the vehicle use policy applied to the K-9 officer. Deal said the K-9 officer will be listed as “working under the chief’s direction” and will still be provided a vehicle.
Under park business, Deal reported that the basketball courts had been striped that day and the tennis courts were to be striped the next day. He said the fence at the tennis court would be installed next week.
McKelvey asked council to consider purchasing a sign designating the park lake as the Rotary Park Lake and listing the dates and history of the lake and its creation by the Barnesville Rotary Club. McKelvey was to obtain a cost for the sign and present it to council for consideration.
With councilman Jefferis abstaining, council approved a building permit for Jefferis Real Estate by Dollar General for the construction of two storage units.
Council passed pay ordinance 17 for $556,735.44.
Council entered into executive session to discuss personnel and potential litigation.