Ten Years Ago – 2003
Tempers flared at the school board meeting last week as board president Greg Wehr and district resident T.J.Jefferis squared-off over the hiring policies of the district.
Meanwhile new school board superintendent Chris Keylor is applauded after “voicing his expectations of the district” at the same meeting.
Passages include Margery H. Peacock, 96, Chestnut Ridge Friends meeting member and veteran school teacher for that group’s former elementary school located south of town.
Richard and Geneva Steele, Somerton, marked their 60th wedding anniversary on August 17. They are the former owners of the Sears Catalog Store and Gilbert’s Men’s and Boys’ Wear.
Richard and Irene Neuhart mark their golden wedding anniversary August 29. They are owners of Neuhart’s Grocery in Batesville.   
Kindergarten orientation was held at Quaker City Elementary recently. Jill DeLong is teacher of the class.

Twenty-five Year Ago – 1988
The Citizens National Bank of Flushing/St. Clairsville has purchased the Bank One Offices in Barnesville (W. Main) and Freeport.
The Victorian Village Committee plans an old-time political rally and torchlight parade on October 20. No motorized vehicles will be allowed and all candidates much either walk or be carried by horse, donkey or elephant. Speakers will address the public from two second floor balconies on W. Main.
A page one photo features BHS grad and Ohio State football team member Tim Moxley with coach John Cooper. The two are described as “a winning combo for OSU”.

Fifty Years Ago – 1963
The 94 year-old Graves Hotel is being dismantled. The building was constructed in 1869 by  Max Albert and was known as the Albert House. The woodwork for this building was provided by the first planning mill to operate in the community. Actually, this location has been a site of a hotel since the early 1800s. A Mr. Israel operated a hotel here first. It was a two story log building. In 1826 it became known as the Barnesville Hotel operated by John O. Parsons. Part of the present building was erected by Parsons in 1833.  In the 1920s it was known as the Shannon Hotel.
This summer will go down in the record book as one where the temperature never reached 90.
Barnesville schools will open on “slow time” when they open next Tuesday while most stores and institutions will continue to operate on “fast time.”
The Barnesville Dodgers win the local Little League Playoff. Members of the winning squad are Tom Devitt, Randy Lucas, Mike Loper, Robin Stephens, Pat Roe, Larry Hall, Gary Hall, Bill Froehlich, Dale Anderson, Greg Moreland, and Brad Wilson.

Seventy-five Years Ago – 1938
Russell Miller, 19, of W. South Street, was fatally injured Tuesday evening while returning from the Belmont-Monroe Reunion (Jerusalem Picnic) when he fell from the running board beneath the wheels of the Hilltop Beverage truck.
The C.P. Burdette stable behind the E. Main Church of Christ was consumed by fire Tuesday night. A work horse, 15 tons of new hay and harnesses were lost.
The Belmont-Monroe Reunion drew a crowd of 10,000 Tuesday with Charles Sawyer, candidate for governor and a flock of congressional candidates as the headliners.
Two records were broken at the Palace Bowling Alley last week when “Ernest “Pie” Turner, rural mail carrier, rolled a total of 757 in three games and Miss Nausica Nickles, set a new women’s record with a 210 game.
 “The Kidoodlers” got more than a page story in this week’s “Radio Guide”. The New York-based group consists of natives Bill Kearns, Paul Corner and two new colleagues Ed Lewis and Bob Remington.
H.H. Murphy, clerk of the Warren Twp. School Board for the past 23 years has submitted his resignation.
The Hilltop Beverage Company has been purchased by Thomas Muenzer of Jamaica, NY. The business was established in 1925 by Edwin Hutchison and later operated by John Ray. In 1930 O.O. Gramlich brought the business. His widow, Ethel has been operating the business since his passing.  
Ad – “For a complete stock of auto parts for homemade tractors see Paul’s Auto Parts at the corner of Church and Arch streets.”

One Hundred Years Ago – 1913
From the Whetstone
The death of Mrs. Rosa Belle McDonald Phillips of New York City, the wife of Clyde Phillips, whose stage name was Rosa Mayon, is reported after a protracted illness.  She appeared with her husband as a vaudeville act known as “Mayon’s World Champion Troupe of Tropical Birds”. She was born in Barnesville in 1868. Besides her husband, who was her manager and who was trainer of the birds, she is survived by two brothers.
Two months ago the old Smyrna fair grounds were purchased by a new organization incorporated under the name of Tri-County Fair Association.  Since that time repairs have been undertaken on the grandstand, judges’ stand, poultry hall and many of the stalls and all buildings have been reroofed and repaired.   
 Mrs. Adda Morris of Philadelphia and Miss Jennie Pickering of Hawthorne, NJ, are here demonstrating the Vacuum Washer, a machine which makes the washing of clothes easy. These ladies are located in the hardware store of Thomas J. Graham (156 E. Main) and would be pleased to have the ladies of Barnesville and vicinity call on them.
Twice Told Tales is compiled by Bruce Yarnall, former general manager of the Barnesville Enterprise. He can be reached at bayarnall@yahoo.com