Sealed bids are being taken for the sandstone from the Somerton United Methodist Church. Bids must be received by Nov. 10, 2012. There are 2-4 dozen of them in various sizes. Bids are per stone, with the highest bidder being given the chance to buy any amount at that price. The next highest bidder will then be given the same chance, and so on until all of the sandstone are sole. The sandstone may be viewed at the site of the church, which is located on State Route 800 at 55400 Washington Street in Somerton. Bids may be sent to John Blattler, 56783 Somerton Hwy., Barnesville, OH 43713. Bids may also be turned in at the Turkey Dinner on Nov. 10. Bids will be opened on Nov. 11, 2012.