The Barnesville Exempted Village School District again received an overall rating of Effective on the preliminary school reports cards released last Wednesday by the Ohio Department of Education. The districts preliminary results were shared with the Board of Education at its Thursday, Oct. 18 meeting.

Barnesville Elementary School achieved an Excellent with Distinction rating for the third consecutive year. The elementary school met all five indicators, had a performance index of 101.9 met the Adequate Yearly Progress and the Value Added Measure.

Congratulations to the elementary, Lucas said. I am pleased they were able to maintain that level.

The middle and high schools were rated as Effective, however the good news at the middle school was that they were able to get out of the school improvement status after four years. Lucas said that to do that, the school had to meet the indicator two consecutive years. He said that the middle school had achieved the indicator before, but failed to meet it again the next year.

This is very good news for the middle school, he said. Principal Julie Erwin said, We are very excited to be out of school improvement. The teachers are very happy about it.

Schools are placed in SI after missing their AYP for two consecutive years. A school in SI is required to create an improvement plan. Being in SI for three or more years requires more extension corrective action and eventually, restructuring.

The middle school met nine out of 11 indicators, but did not meet the 5th grade math indicator.

The high school met nine out of 12 indicators and scored a 93.5 % on the performance index. The AYP was not met at the high school. Overall, 21 of the 26 indicators were met, with two being missed at the middle school and three at the high school level. The overall district Performance Index was 97.4 %. The AYP was not met as a district.

In Barnesville, the percentage of third grade students meeting the Ohio Achievement Assessment standards in reading were 85.4 and 79.3 in math. The percentage of fourth grade students meeting the Ohio Achievement Assessment standards in reading were 92.1 and 88.8 in math. The percentage of fifth grade students meeting the Ohio Achievement Assessment standards in reading were 79.8, 68.5 in math and 86.5 in science. The percentage of sixth grade students meeting the Ohio Achievement Assessment standards in reading were 89.3 and 85.7 in math.

The percentage of seventh grade students meeting the Ohio Achievement Assessment standards 92 in reading and 71.9 in math. Eighth grade results were 91.5 in reading, 88.3 in math and 93.3 in science.

Barnesvilles Ohio Graduation Test scores for 10th grade were 81 percent in reading, 77.4 in writing, 79.8 in math, 73.8 in science and 76.2 in social studies. Barnesvilles Ohio Graduation Test scores for 11th grade were 91.9 percent in reading, 91.9 in writing, 89.2 in math, 83.8 in science and 83.8 in social studies.

Schools and districts have had access to preliminary student achievement data on standardized assessments throughout the summer. The August release of Local Report Cards was delayed by the State Board of Education because of an ongoing investigation by the Auditor of State into allegations of data manipulation by some school districts.

The Ohio Department of Education will not publish the official Local Report Cards until the investigation by the Auditor of State is concluded or as otherwise agreed upon by the State Board of Education.

Typically, we would have received the official data back in August, but the release of the data has been delayed because of the investigation into scrubbing in other districts, Lucas told the board. Lucas said the BEV School District was part of a 60-day audit, so all the districts attendance records were checked, however, several other districts are still being investigated. Lucas estimated the official report card data will be released at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.

Also at the Thursday, October 18 meeting, the board received a request for support from the Barnesville Parent Teacher Association and reports from administrators.

Recent activities at the elementary, middle and high schools include the end of the first nine weeks on Friday, the conclusion of fall sports and the implementation of the 21st Century Learning Grant after school programs at the middle and high schools. Parent teacher conferences will be held on November 1 and 2.

High School Principal Jeff Crosier said so far, only two high school students have signed up for the after school program. He said letters were sent to 21 students for math and 23 for reading, and incentives to increase participation are being considered.

Crosier said teachers will soon be attending training for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation Standards, to be implemented next year.

He said fall sports were winding down with the cross country participating in competitions and volleyball team participating in sectional tournaments. The final football game of the season and the homecoming will be held Friday.

Middle school students recently enjoyed a performance and anti-bullying message from the New York-based J-Line Dance Crew. Principal Julie Erwin said there were currently 15-20 students attending the after-school programs each school day. She said interest in the program is growing. This week, students will observe Red Ribbon Week. This years theme is One School, One Goal - Bully and Drug Free School.

Erwin said School Resource Officer Chris Hanes was doing a tremendous job at the schools. He enjoys his job and is doing it well, she said.

Dr. Rebecca Hannahs, Director of Instruction and Student Services, gave a report on the districts special education programs and evaluation process.

Principal Angela Hannahs reported that upcoming events at the elementary school include Title Family Night on November 8 at 6 p.m. and the Preschool Fall Fest on November 15 at 6 p.m.

Amy Carpenter, Treasurer of the newly formed Barnesville Shamrock PTA spoke on behalf of the officers and 65 voting members. Carpenter asked for the support of the board, administrators, teachers, parents and the community to help the PTA achieve their goals. Some of their ideas include continuing to purchase honors banquet awards for the middle and high school students and field day supplies at the elementary school level. In addition they would like to sponsors speakers at the schools for assemblies on subjects such as bullying, etc., provide teacher appreciation activities, classroom contests, festivals and more. Carpenter said the PTA was open to suggestions. The PTA meets the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the elementary school library. The group currently has 65 voting members (those who contributed $10). Volunteers for committees are needed.

Superintendent Lucas said he received a request for a bus stop at the Plumly Apartments from Lisa Lucas and Kayla Carpenter. Lucas said if the board approved a bus stop there, they would receive requests for other bus stops near the school. He said that the state does not provide reimbursement for stops under a half mile from the school.

The board entered executive session to consider employment, compensation of a public employee or official and preparing for, conducting or reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment.

The board approved the receipt of a $5,000 grant from the Belmont County Board of Developmental Disabilities to the Special Education Department.

The board approved purchase order #43434 in the amount of $31,968.00 for psychologist services rendered by PSI Associates, Inc. and a corresponding Then and Now Certificate.

The board approved a super blanket purchase order #43435 in the amount of $95,308.30 for district-wide wireless access points and core switches from the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center.

The board approved purchase order #43474 in the amount of $16,829.05 for a replacement audio system at the high school from C.A. House Music.

The board approve purchase order #43409 in the amount of $43,032.33 for the final gas settlement with EnergyUSA.

The board approved a then and now purchase order in the amount of $32,500 for the shared resource officer wit the Village of Barnesville.

The board approved Kasey Bates and Kathy Poland as substitute teachers. Jeanne Strawn was approved as a substitute secretary.The board approve the following volunteers for the 2012-2013 school year: Robin Christman, Volunteer Assistant Girls Basketball Coach; Penny Powell, Volunteer Assistant Girls Basketball Coach; Paul Jefferis, Volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coach and Brian Jefferis, Volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coach.

The board approved Brittany Stephens as Elementary After-School Intervention Tutor for the 2012-2013 school year at the rate of $20 per hour.

The board awarded the District Maintenance Worker position to John Blattler.

The board approved the 21st Century Community Learning Center Parent Handbook for the 2012-2013 school year.