Ten Years Ago 2002

The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival King Champion was a 617 pound entry by Winston Wyckoff of Burbank, Ohio.

This years Rubberneck Tour will feature Somerset Township sites including the Harmony Hills Horse Farm.

Ashley McGee, daughter of Jim and Bonnie McGee, was crowned BHS Homecoming Queen last Friday night as the Shamrocks remain undefeated in a 20-0 victory over the Shadyside Tigers.

Passings include Eileen Weller, 81, of Sun City, Ariz. She and her husband, Carl operated a dime store in Bethesda for 31 years. Also passing this week was Mabel M. Smith, 88, homemaker and member of the Fairview United Methodist Church.

The 70th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. Floyd Lucas of Beallsville is profiled. Also covered is the August 17 wedding of Alice Marie Kidd and Adam Jay Detling which occurred at the Somerton United Methodist Church.

Twenty-five Year Ago 1987

A drive is underway to promote the passage of a 3-mill levy for the continued operation of the Belmont-Harrison Joint Vocational School. Passage of the levy will eliminate a $507,000 operating deficit.

Fire strikes the mobile home of Kevin and Jody Luyster of Morgantown Avenue a second time.

Former Bethesda residents, William T. and Frances Heskett Bolon of Westeville will mark their golden wedding anniversary on Oct. 17. Marking 25 years of marriage are Robert and Wanda Robb Clift.

The Shamrocks prepare to battle the Union Local Jets after a 14-8 victory of this past week over the Cambridge Bobcats.

The Barnesville Football Moms dedicated a colorful Rocks flag and flagpole at BHS Stadium Saturday night in memory of the late Tom Skinner.

Fifty Years Ago 1962

Sister Mary Lou Henderson who has dedicated the last six years of her life in service to the Bethel and St. Paul (Captina) African Methodist Epsicopal (AME) churches here announces her departure for London, Ohio.

The industrial development fund sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce has almost doubled. One donation came in this past week from New York City.

The Barnesville Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees), at one time one of the most active groups in the community, will re-organize. All young men between 21 and 35 years of age are welcome to join.

Bob Howell, local power equipment dealer, broke his leg recently.

Three local high school students were injured, one critically, in an accident on W. Main. They are William Hollingsworth, John Reischman, and James Arthur Grubb.

The Going Out of Business Sale at Johnsons Paint Store continues. The store is open every day until 9 pm. Items not sold, including fixtures and equipment, will be sold at a public auction on Friday, Oct. 5th.

Seventy-five Years Ago 1937

The Enterprise carries two national political columns each week. One is Mark Sullivans Political Review and the other, written by Frank R. Kent, is titled The Great Game of Politics in Washington.

Want to Laugh? See Crazy Mike, the first radio broadcast ever staged in Barnesville at the Jr. High Auditorium, Oct. 11. Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, this hilarious radio comedy is guaranteed to make you laugh or your money refunded. See local people become radio stars with authentic radio and sound equipment transforming the auditorium into broadcasting studio where a complete radio broadcast will be performed.

Union Ridge No. 11 (SR 26 south of Bethesda) A number of people attended the corn cutting at Mrs. Ella Fitzgeralds Saturday.

Hunter - A homecoming of relatives and friends was greatly enjoyed at the home of H.D. Wheeler Sunday. The younger children thought their day was to be spoiled by the rain but when their granddad told them to go to the attic and play with anything they wished, they were all right. The old cradle was brought from the attic for the twins, Marvin and Marlene, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ward. Ray Wheeler and Mae Wheeler King, also twins, had a glimpse of what they looked like in the same cradle 30 years ago.

One Hundred Years Ago 1912

From the Whetstone

The Rev. Joseph Steinbreunner of the Ohio Apostolate of Cleveland, a friend and classmate of Father Robbins, is delivering a series of lecture this week at the Catholic Church. Selected topics include: Divorce and Race Suicide, What Think Ye of Christ proving the divinity of Christ through scriptures, Purgatory and Progress for the Dead, Should Mary be Honored, the Real Presence in the Lords Supper, and Is our Religion as Good as Another. All lectures begin at 7 pm, no lecture on Saturday night.

Mrs. Richard Davey and Mrs. James Openshaw of this place left Wednesday for Caldwell to visit their sister, Mrs. John H. Shankland, who was struck by a railroad engine last Thursday leaving her in critical condition.

Nathan B. Hutton, a native of Mt. Olivet and now the clothes wringer salesman who travels from Maine to California and from the Lakes to the Gulf, came in Saturday for a visit with his mother and sister on E. Main. His observations of over the country are that the Bull Moose Party will sweep the nation on Election Day.

October 14 is the last chance to purchase tickets for the Canadian Pacific RR Land Home Seekers Excursions to the Alberta Wheat Lands. Round trip fare about $62. For particulars see or phone W.F. Richmond Real Estate Office.


Twice Told Tales is compiled by Bruce Yarnall, former general manager of the Barnesville Enterprise. He can be reached at bayarnall@yahoo.com