Barnesville Rotarys Interact Club of Barnesville High School completed a service project on the Sunday afternoon before the Pumpkin Festival, September 23, 2012. Seventeen club members, with the help of their advisor Heather Eberhart, weeded the area under the cannon at the Barnesville Memorial Park entrance and several areas around it. They also put down new black canvas and mulch under the cannon after giving it a fresh coat of paint. They couldnt have done this service, however, without the gracious donations of industrial paint, paint brushes, black canvas, and mulch from Barnesville Do It Best hardware store. The club members wanted to help beautify the park before the Pumpkin Festival and Storybook Park, which will be October 6. The members who helped were seniors, Marrissa Burga, Lane Hanlon, and Holly Young; juniors, Carolyn Blattler, Layne McGee, Devon Sleeth, and Annika Wildes; sophomores, Layna Broomhall, Steven Christie, Brandon Davidson, Makenzie Hupp, Paige Huntsman, Olivia Jones, Maci McEndree, and Shasta Roberts, and freshmen, Avery Hanlon and Jonah Young.