Poetry reading, slam slated at Olney Friends School In celebration of April as National Poetry Month, Olney Friends School will host poet Brad Liening for a reading of his work at 8:00 p.m., Friday, April 29, in the Collection Room of the Main Building. In addition, students will host a poetry slam on Wednesday, April 20 at 7 p.m. in the Girls Dorm Parlor. Both events are free and open to the public.Liening graduated from the Iowa Writers' Workshop in 2005. His poems have been published in several journals, including Forklift, Swink, The Sonora Review, Mustachioed, and DIAGRAM. He is the author of Ghosts and Doppelgangers (Lowbrow Press) and several chapbooks, including We Are Doomed: Dispatches from the City of the Future (InDigest Editions) and Oblivion, More (H_NGM_N BKS). When asked about poems, about how to work toward understanding them, Liening says, a poem "is a little wonky piece of art that's doing the best it can. It isn't trying to trick you. It just wants to tell you something that's hard to express (if it were easy to express it wouldn't be a poem - it would be a maxim or a cliché or a Hallmark card or just some obvious thing that needn't be said at all)." Currently, Liening teaches English at Macalaster College in St. Paul, Minnesota. After the reading, he will answer questions from the audience.Olney Friends School students celebrate National Poetry Month each year by memorizing and performing poems at a poetry slam. The public is invited to participate. Students also study poems in science courses (reading James Wright's "Beautiful Ohio" when studying the campus sewage treatment station) as well as humanities classes (reading the poets of the Harlem Renaissance when studying the 1920s and '30s) and posting poems in school hallways. They also spend time translating the work of Latin American poets in Spanish classes and recite those works to the school community. This year, visiting poet Liening will talk with humanities classes about the craft of writing. Olney Friends School, a boarding and day high school located in Barnesville, Ohio, brings students from around the state, around the country, and around the world to study in a college preparatory program in grades 9-12. The academic program focuses on humanities, the sciences and the arts.