Skyflight Productions presents an evening with Audrey Auld on Friday May 20 at the Albert S. George Youth Center in Barnesville Memorial Park.
Auld is from Tasmania, Australia. Her love of music is expressed in folk, country, and americana. A blend that she calls "Music with the dirt left on." It is this artistic expression that has led Auld to produce 5 studio albums. "Come Find Me" is Auld's most recent album released in 2011 and arguably her best. Audrey presents a strong collection of songs reflecting her life as a touring artist, happy wife and Tasmanian girl on a global adventure. These are songs of love, sorrow, joy, anger, beauty and humor in a range of musical styles from Appalachian acappella to angered rock; there's even an Aussie rap song. Of course, Audrey's love of traditional country and folk music shines through but, as always for Audrey, it's about the song not the genre. This is Audrey's invitation to 'Come Find Me'.
Auld has been nominated for several awards including 2 Golden Guitar nominations and 2 ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) nominations. Auld clearly has a desire to make a lasting impression on her listeners: "Whether you're a star in a long black car or a songwriter on an all-nighter it all comes down to the music
- the beautiful connection of art, science and maths creating a transcendent moment
for whomever is tuned in." Doors open at 7 pm. Admission is $10. Free pizza will be served from 7-7:30PM. Part of the admission will be supporting the American Cancer Society for any audience member who presents the special pre-advance flyer only available to the attendees of the Bowl-A-Thon at Chestnut Lanes in Barnesville on Friday May 13th. Email for more details.