New Web site offered to attract customersJudie PerkowskiSpecial to The EnterpriseArea businesses will have a chance to cash in on a new Web site designed specifically to attract potential customers online -- and it won't cost your business a cent to sign up. And, customers who visit the site can save a, a new Web site offered by The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian, Barnesville Enterprise and Newcomerstown News, will go live Jan. 3, and will be available to businesses in Belmont, Coshocton, Guernsey, Harrison, Muskingum, Noble, Tuscarawas and Washington counties.What is It is a free, highly effective online social marketing concept for businesses to expand their customer base while giving what every consumer wants -- a bargain. It is a relatively new way of group buying, flash sales deals, and it's fun!In addition to the deal of the day, will feature other deals that shoppers can peruse and buy."This new space presents unique opportunities for attracting and retaining online-buying customers. Group buying sites have a powerful following, and, online shopping is the fastest growing, revenue producing segment in today's technologically savvy society. We're excited to bring this to our customers," said Andrew Dix, publisher of The Daily & Sunday will open up a new avenue of advertising for businesses who offer gift certificates on any of their products or services at a 50 percent, or more, reduced cost. Daily deals will be offered for a specific time period, usually 24 hours. During this time period customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of deals in their local market simply by clicking on the icon designating the desired region, typing in their credit card number and printing a certificate redeemable at the business.It's that easy.The site is secured and certified to handle credit card transactions. The site can also safely save information so consumers can purchase additional deals at a later date without re-entering the credit card information.Each certificate is printed with a randomly chosen number to protect the business from forgery and from reprints. The business is provided a list of certificates purchased.Three key reasons a merchant should want to be featured on DiscountGuru:*It's FREE online social marketing.* You invest only in guaranteed customers, which means the deal is redeemable only at your business and its affiliates.* It attracts affluent, socially-active consumers.Example of how it works: Elvis' Eating Emporium offers 20 gift certificates for candlelight dinners. Each certificate costs the business $50, but is sold at a 50 percent discount ($25). The deal will be posted on theDiscountGuru site for at least 24 hours.In this example, proceeds from the gift certificates are split 50-50 between Elvis' Eating Emporium and Participating businesses have no up-front cost, get exposure to thousands of potential customers and get a payment for 50 percent of the offers purchased. It's a simple and efficient way to reach a huge audience and create a "buzz" about your business.Different, new and exciting deals connect visitors to the site and a direct, immediate sale. Online marketing sites that offer one-time-only deals report 85 percent of customers who redeem vouchers become repeat customers, and they spend more than the average customer. Group-buying customers can become "new" regular shoppers at your business.Businesses listed on The Jeffersonian's Web site will also have their deal of the day integrated into the site. When a customer clicks on a business listing within, DiscountGuru automatically pops up alerting the customer to the discounted product or service.Deals can also have a "tipping point" that activates the deal only if a certain quantity of certificates is purchased. The advertiser can choose a tipping point to determine once it is reached, the deal is on.For consumers, encourages shoppers to share the news about the discounts on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail and in return receive an even bigger discount.The clock will begin ticking on the deal of the day Jan. 3 when the site goes "live."But, the general public can sign up now at for daily e-mails alerting them to great deals in their area beginning Jan. 3.For more information about, call 439-3531, ext. 222.