Street department ready for winter weather

Cathryn Stanley


Village Administrator Roger Deal says the Barnesville Street Department is prepared to deal with impending winter road conditions.

"We are prepared and have a good supply of salt," Deal said.

Following the Dec. 19 snow storm that resulted in a Level 2 snow emergency in Belmont County, the street department is now on its second order of salt.

Deal said Barnesville participates in a state bidding program that allows it to purchase salt for $65.65 per ton. The season's first order contained 75 tons of salt and the second, 50 tons.

A recently installed storage building now holds 150 tons of salt.

Deal said last year's left over salt was mixed with cinders. He said cinders have been difficult to obtain this year. Of the 800 tons of cinders recently ordered, only half have been delivered.

"We should be fine through the winter," Deal predicted.

Deal said in addition to being well supplied, the village trucks are well maintained and the employees are dedicated.

"They worked a lot that weekend and we appreciate the commitment of the men," Deal said.

The street department consists of four permanent, full-time employees and one who splits his time between the street and water departments.

"There is no better crew," Deal said. "They do a great job. We get compliments all the time on how Barnesville's streets are maintained."