Poem inspired by kindness returned

Editor's note: The following poem was written by Georgia Gallagher of Barnesville who was inspired by Salvation Army bell ringers volunteering on a cold and windy day, who were asked by Riesbeck's employees to come inside.

The Bell Ringers

All through the Christmas season

They manned the kettle at the store.

They were two kind ladies

Ringing bells for the needy and the poor.

They said Merry Christmas

To each passerby.

If a donation was made

Thank you they would reply.

On the worst day of the season

The wind blew hard and it did snow.

They stood rigid at their kettle

There was no place else to go.

But, unlike the innkeeper

When Jesus was born.

The storekeeper bid them

Set up inside so they might stay warm.

How happy Mary would have been

had she been offered shelter within...

The ladies are thankful for this kind deed

They continue to help those in need.