Foundation for Appalachian Ohio Essay Contest winnngs used by UL students; movie premier Oct. 17The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio has sponsored an essay contest for the past three years. The Foundation encompasses 32 counties in South East Ohio. Last fall, Gabrielle Moore of Bethesda, won the contest as a seventh grader. She received a savings bond and her teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Diaz received $500 for the classroom.Ms. Diaz used her money to enhance the historical knowledge of her students. The results were a book and a DVD both of which are titled A Walk Through History.For the book, each student chose a relative to whom he/she would like to write. Of the 89 students that Ms. Diaz had in her class, 75 received a response. She then had those letters copied and bound into a book for each student.In order to make the DVD, Ms. Diaz took the students on local field trips and invited speakers to the school. These segments were videotaped, edited and made into a DVD for each student. Pam Matthews assisted in the editing and directing of the production.The Union Local Middle School will host a premiere for the movie on Saturday, Oct. 17 in the middle school auditorium. The event will begin at 7 p.m.