The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian announced recently that it will begin utilizing the printing press at the company's print facility in Wooster on February 2, 2009.

Beginning with the Feb. 4, 2009 edition of The Barnesville Enterprise, our paper will also be printed in Wooster.

This change will not affect readers of the paper, as it will continue to be mailed at the same time. However, deadlines for news articles and advertising will be strictly enforced. The deadline is Friday at noon. This enforcement will ensure that the paper is send to the press on time.

Readers will notice an increase in the print quality and amount of color in the paper.

The only downside will be that events, such as Barnesville village council meetings, that occur past 5 p.m. on Mondays will have to be included in the next edition of the paper.

"To gain some economies of scale, we will utilize our company's print facility," said Andrew S. Dix, publisher. "The change will allow us to use a new press that prints faster, more accurately and offers more color photographs with less waste, all of which are very important for a newspaper company. Readers and advertisers will notice the difference in technology. It will help us continue to be a strong media company."

Dix noted it has become the industry norm for newspapers to use joint print facilities. Other area newspapers, such as those in Zanesville, Coshocton, Marietta, Martin's Ferry and Steubenville have similar agreements with other printing facilities. Production employees affected by the change will be offered a severance package.