A meeting held two weeks ago in Columbus, concerning mandated repairs to Slope Creek Reservoir, was discussed at the Jan. 20 Barnesville Village Council meeting.

Village Administrator Roger Deal and Barnesville Mayor Tom Michelli met with representatives of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to discuss the Emergency Action Plan for the dam at the reservoir.

Deal and Michelli reported back to council on the outcome of that meeting and how much the dam repairs will cost.

Deal said the village was informed in 1999, and again in 2004, that repairs needed to be made to the dam, but the village did not have the finances, as renovations were estimated to cost anywhere between $2 million and $4 million.

Council is now being forced to make those repairs, however, Michelli and Deal informed council members that Buckeye Engineering will contact $7,500 to help the village with expenses, which are less than initially estimated.

Michelli said Barnesville was not the only village struggling to pay for dam repairs.

"I felt the meeting was good," Deal said. "The new engineer might have a better handle on the project and it (the cost) may be better than we thought."

Deal said the village will enter into a contract with the engineer to develop and submit plans to ODNR.

Slope Creek Reservoir, also known as Barnesville Reservoir #3, lies within Somerset Township. Slope Creek Reservoir is located five miles south of Barnesville off McGinnis Road.

Slope Creek Reservoir was created by the city of Barnesville for water supply and recreational purposes. The lake was formed by damming Slope Creek, which created this 89-acre impoundment. The area around Slope Creek Reservoir consists of sandstone hills and valleys which are covered by second growth forest. This area was one of the earliest areas settled in Ohio and has a rich local history. A fishing agreement between the village of Barnesville and the ODNR Division of Wildlife provides angling opportunities for the public.

Deal gave council members information about the cost of two strain poles for the traffic lights at the corner of Chestnut and Main streets downtown. The poles will replace the wire connected into the Parker and Parker Insurance building that is currently suspending the traffic light. The light has fallen in the past.

Deal also informed council that Crestview Cemetery is out of room for new plots. Additional room will be cleared between the garage and North 800.

Tracey Guy of Freebird Motoworx addressed council members about a bike show to be held downtown this summer. Proceeds would benefit Belmont County Children's Services. Guy requested the use of the first block of East Main Street for the event which may include a Poker Walk involving downtown businesses. Bill Knox suggested that Guy coordinate the event with the Barnesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

In other business council:

* Approved the appointment of members to the fire department;

* Received glass mugs from Council President Dale Bunting promoting the village's new safety program. Bunting gave mugs to all village employees to help them "keep safety in mind."

* Authorized a pay ordinance in the amount of $49,395.28;

* Authorized the fiscal officer to deposit money with Belmont Savings Bank and approved the December financial statement.

* Learned that part of the roof on a park shelter house in the grandstand area has blown off.

* Were presented with a 2008 year-end report by Deal.

Following the meeting, council entered into an executive session after which they authorized the mayor to attend a sheriff's auction on January 27 and bid up to $15,000 for a property located at 117 E. Church St.

Deal said he will update council at the Monday. Feb. 2 meeting about two bids received on Friday, Jan. 23 for the sale of a Railroad Street property.