Cathryn Stanley

Associate Editor

Unlike many local villages and cities, the Village of Barnesville's financial health is still in good shape.

Village Administrator Roger Deal said financially speaking the village is "overall doing well," as officials continue to keep an eye on spending.

"It doesn't seem like it has affected us because we have been struggling since 1980," Deal said. "We have learned to cope and make do."

He said overall, compared to other villages and even Belmont County, Barnesville's financial health is "over and above."

"We are holding our own," Deal said.

Still, he says unforeseen costs continue to affect the village. For instance a water rate increase earlier this year, was meant to help buffer the village against increased costs, however, the bulk chemical bid for the waste water treatment plant was $30,000 higher than last year.

"We thought we prepared for that and there went half of the money ($60,000 in revenue from the water rate increase)," Deal said.

"In the past five to eight years before the water rate increase other villages were struggling because of not planning ahead with water rate increases," he said.

"Barnesville has done a great job with officials having the courage to do what had to be done to stay in great (financial) shape even if it was not popular," Deal said.