Behind the Barnesville Bicentennial celebration was a dedicated committee. The Barnesville Bicentennial Committee spent more than a year planning events and festivities to celebrate Barnesville's 200th anniversary.

From left to right are the members of the Barnesville Bicentennial Committee: (seated) Ethel Kloss, Jean Davies, Evelyn Sampson, Eugene Householder, Mary Sidwell, Rita Hall, Jean Ann Reed, Frank Williams, (second row) Peggy Douglass, Jan Chambers, Marie Bundy, Sharon Hanse, Brenda Brown, Ellen Brown, Terry Brown, Ela Robertson, Charlie Robb, (third row) Clifford Collins, Richard Hanse, Bill Hunkler, Dale Landefeld, Sherry McClellan, Jim Cook and Angie Hannahs.

Missing from the photo are: Erin Donnelly, Tom Detling, Roger Deal, John Rataiczak, Linda Wells, Amy Wells and Tom Michelli.