Barnesville Village Council passed several ordinances setting or increasing salaries for village employs. At the December 22 meeting, council members passed ordinances setting the salary of the fiscal officer, income tax/assistant fiscal officer, assistant emergency squad coordinator and the fire chief. An ordinance establishing a salary for the assistant fire chief was also approved.

In addition, council passed an ordinance increasing pay rates by .30 per hour, freezing future pay rates and setting a base scale. The ordinance will take effect for the pay period ending Jan. 10, 2009.

At the recommendation of the finance committee, council also passed an ordinance increasing the salary of part-time emergency squad members by 30 cents per hour. Councilman Brad Hudson asked if those employees should receive an additional raise because their rate of pay had not been increased the previous two times when other village salaries increased.

This led to a discussion involving Fire Chief Bob Smith. It was noted that the emergency squad is self-funded.

"They (the part-time emergency squad members) were not even considered last time," Smith said. "It is their money." he said.

Councilman Terry McCort said he hoped the raise would help make the inequity better.

"We are trying to be as fair as possible," he said. "It is a matter of fairness and a matter of finances."

McCort noted that the emergency squad has been profitable for the last two years. "I commend you for that and think you are doing a great job," he told Smith.

In an ongoing issue, Village Administrator Roger Deal reported that he gathered village and Warren Township paperwork for the Joint Economic Development District and Village Solicitor Marlin Harper filed it with the Belmont County Commissioner's office. Deal said the creation of the JEDD would be reviewed at the commissioner's meeting Tuesday. Deal said he and Economic Adviser Bill Knox would attend the meeting and suggested council members come to, "witness this historic beginning."

Deal noted that council will need to select one board member to serve with a board member from the Warren Township Trustees. In turn, those two board members will choose a third, who will be the president of the JEDD board.

Deal said the third board member did not have to be a council member.

"We want to take this (appointment) seriously and appoint someone who will promote it," Deal said.

"I think the commissioners are anxious to approve the JEDD," Solicitor Harper said. "Obviously there is a lot more work to do before anything is realized," he added.

In other business, Mayor Michelli announced he would be printing a list of individuals who are delinquent in their income taxes in January. He said if those listed in the newspaper do not respond, they will be sent to a collection agency.

At the request of Chief Smith, three people were removed from the fire department roster and three more were removed from the emergency squad. The addition of two new members to the fire department was approved for a one-year probationary period.