At the regular meeting of Bethesda Village Council on November 20, Councilman Brian Bee informed council that the finance committee wanted to propose a pay cut for council members from $70 a month to $50 a month temporarily starting January 2009. Brian also informed council that the finance committee has proposed a pay cut for the mayor of $100 a month temporarily starting January 2009.

"We are making this move to help the village financially," Mayor Chuck Lyons said. "There will be more cuts in the future, and we knew we had to begin with ourselves," he said.

In other business, Village Administrator Tim Zdanski informed council that the water tank inspection was completed. Zdanski went on to say that the preliminary opinion is that the tank is rehab able and that the engineer report on the tank would be coming.

Zdanski asked for council's approval to ask a village resident for an extra acre of land next to the property of the water tank site. Zdanski said the resident had offered to sell the land before and Zdanski felt now was the time to purchase the extra land. Council approved the request.

Zdanski said the RAS meter at the sewer plant was being put back together.

He said the small paving projects in the village went well with no complications. Zdanski said there is a drop off on the edge of the road on Lynn Avenue that needs filled in.

Council approved an application for Shawn King to be a Firefighter/EMT.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Dec. 18 at 7 p.m.