The Somerton Ridgerunners held a meeting on Sunday January, 27th at the Somerton Firehouse. During the meeting of the Somerton Ridegrunners the members recieved their pictures with Santa that were taken at the Christmas party. We were given our fair update. We took attendance of members who were selling pretzels this year. We were informed of the design a t-shirt contest, where you compete by making a design that you think would look great on the t-shirts at camp Piedmont this year. We were told of the camp couseler evaluation which takes place on February 17th. No health and safety talks were presented. There is a new way of going to our Livestock Quality Assurance. It is a test with about 50 questions, and if you take it when you are 12-14, you don't have to attend Quality Assurance again until you are 15. You can take the test again from age 15-18 so you don't have to attend Quality Assurance for the remaining years that you attend the County Fair. It is much better than going to Quality Assurance every year! The next time this test will be available will be March 17th from 3:30-5:30 at the Extension Office. Anyone who gets lower than 70% on this test will have to attend the next Quality Assurance session which will be April 22nd from 6-7 PM at the Extension Office. This year's Livestock Skillathon and Still Project judging dates have been set on the same day, to eliminate one more day of work that has to be set aside for either one. They have been set to begin with Still Project judging around noon and end by 3:30. The Skillathon should start at 4:30 and be done by 8:30. Yes, it will be a long day, but it will be worth it. Our next meeting will take place on February 17th.