An age ago when I was growing up, I remember being taught at school that President Lincoln’s birthday was Feb. 12 and President Washington’s birthday was Feb. 22. Probably calendars had a notation on each date but schools were in session and stores and offices were open for business as usual.

I do not remember when the two days were combined into one, called Presidents Day. When I was still teaching (and I retired in 1985), schools operated quite independently from other schools even in the county. Students would complain that Aurora or Streetsboro were closed on a given day and I would reply that sometime the opposite would be true; we would be closed and they would be in school — All schools had to be open 185 days. You can well imagine that did not placate the problem of being in school when students in a neighboring school were not.

Presidents Day makes me think of the beautiful monument cut into the stone of Mount Rushmore of Idaho Falls, S.D., are the faces of Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln, this work having started in 1948. Later the Native Indian Crazy Horse was added. This stone carving at Mount Rushmore has been referred to by some historians as "The Eighth Wonder of the World."


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