Girl Scouts to sell Valentine's Day carnations

Girl Scout Troop 3152 will sponsor the annual Valentine Carnation Sale on Friday, Feb. 13. This is a time to buy that special someone a carnation to show how much you care for them or just show your friendship.

Available colors include: red "I love you"; yellow "You are my sunshine"; purple "secret admirer"; green "I like you"; pink "You are cute"; white "Friendship"; and blue "I'm blue without you."

Each carnation is tagged with a heart with one of the sayings chosen, who it is from and who it is for.

Orders will be taken through Friday, Feb. 6 at Barnesville Elementary School from 10:45 a.m. to 12:45 a.m. and Barnesville High School from 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Orders for the Middle School may be dropped in the Valentine box in the main office.

Orders may be placed by calling troop leaders Bonnie Howiler at 425-3271 or Angie Howiler at 757-9910. Information needed when calling is: name to be sent to, from, and teacher of last class of the day if in school and color. Call in orders must be paid for by Feb. 10.

Carnations will be delivered Friday, Feb. 13 during the last class of the day. In the event that school is canceled due to snow, the carnations will be delivered on the next full, school day.

Flowers for the event are supplied by Flower Garden's and Greenhouse.

Girl Scout Troop 3152 members shown getting ready for the annual Valentine Flower Sale are left to right: Jessica Clary, Kimberly Baker, Danielle Barnes, Katy Piersol and Kelsey Howiler.