The Route 800 paving project entered Barnesville from the north last Monday morning ending motorists’ woes of dodging raised utility covers on the street after the old asphalt surface was ground down and removed the previous week. Also exposed in multiple places was the original brick pavers installed by village in the 1890s.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation website, the project covers SR 800 from the Guernsey County/Flushing Township line on the north to Monroe County line south of Somerton. The $4,836,945 project is expected to be completed this fall.

Other ODOT projects underway this year include slip repairs on Route 800 South of Somerton at a cost of $528,055, slip repairs on SR 147 in the Baileys Mills area for $1,586,245 and a slide repair on SR 147 between Belmont and Bethesda for $161,746.

This past year, a capital project at the Barnesville Outpost on SR 148 included construction of a "mix shed" as a cost of $541,569.