The 21 girls and one boy that comprise the Barnesville High School swim team has had an active first half of the season.
 On Saturday the team traveled to Licking County YMCA to swim Newark, Lakewood and Northridge.
“This was our first time with these teams and it was a distance; however, several of our ‘traditional’ meets no longer have pools, so we had to find new meets,”  Johnson said.
The team came home with a win for the girls: Barnesville 109, Northridge 97, Lakewood 33 and  Newark 21.
“We are now on the second half of the season, and the kids are starting to push. Times are very close on all the events and they know that at the end they need to be in the top four to compete in OVAC and Sectionals,” she said.
The team will visit Brooke on January 5 and then travel to “home pool” at Wheeling Park for Senior night on Jan. 19.

Newark Tri- Meet - 1/9/2016
Girls 200 SC Meter Medley Relay Varsity
2, Barnesville High School ‘A’ (Castello, Kasi JR, Starr, Alexis SR,
Froehlich, Abby FR, McMillen, Abbey SR), 2:37.62. 3, Barnesville High School
‘B’ (Burkhart, Samantha SR, Clouse, Karleigh SR, Marovich, Alexis JR, Milhoan,
Kali FR), 2:57.66.
Girls 200 SC Meter Freestyle Varsity
3, Starr, Alexis, Rocks, 2:50.16. 5, Marovich, Alexis, Rocks, 3:21.34.
Girls 200 SC Meter IM Varsity
2, Wise, Alee, Rocks, 3:39.41. 3, Clouse, Karleigh, Rocks, 3:41.72.
Girls 50 SC Meter Freestyle Varsity
5, McMillen, Abbey, Rocks, 34.95. 7, Froehlich, Abby, Rocks, 36.38.
Boys 50 SC Meter Freestyle Varsity
3, Vasquez, Manny, Rocks, 32.60.
Girls 100 SC Meter Butterfly Varsity
2, Froehlich, Abby, Rocks, 1:33.44. 3, Marovich, Alexis, Rocks, 1:47.47.
Girls 100 SC Meter Freestyle Varsity
4, Drake, Samantha, Rocks, 1:21.75. 5, McMillen, Abbey, Rocks, 1:22.43.
Boys 100 SC Meter Freestyle Varsity
4, Vasquez, Manny, Rocks, 1:15.42.
Girls 400 SC Meter Freestyle Varsity
2, Castello, Kasi, Rocks, 5:46.10. 3, Galllagher, Joanna, Rocks, 6:28.34.
Girls 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay Varsity
3, Barnesville High School ‘A’ (McMillen, Abbey SR, Starr, Alexis SR, Drake,
Samantha SO, Castello, Kasi JR), 2:24.21. 4, Barnesville High School ‘B’
(Wise, Alee FR, Austin, Ashtin SO, Stewart, Rachel SR, Clouse, Karleigh SR),  2:39.66.
Girls 100 SC Meter Backstroke Varsity
4, Burkhart, Samantha, Rocks, 1:39.75. 5, McMillen, Sarah, Rocks, 1:46.87.
Girls 100 SC Meter Breaststroke Varsity
1, Starr, Alexis, Rocks, 1:33.46. 4, Milhoan, Kali, Rocks, 1:41.29.
Girls 400 SC Meter Freestyle Relay Varsity
1, Barnesville High School ‘A’ (Burkhart, Samantha SR, Milhoan, Kali FR,
Drake, Samantha SO, Froehlich, Abby FR), 5:46.94. 3, Barnesville High School
‘B’ (McMillen, Sarah FR, Galllagher, Joanna SO, Marovich, Alexis JR, Stewart,
Rachel SR), 6:24.56.
Girls 50 SC Meter Freestyle Junior Varsity
 --, Drake, Samantha, Rocks, X35.35. --, Milhoan, Kali, Rocks, X35.53. --,
Austin, Ashtin, Rocks, X38.28. --, Galllagher, Joanna, Rocks, X39.68. --, Newsom, Trista, Rocks, X43.17. --, Stewart, Danielle, Rocks, X47.93.
Girls 100 SC Meter Freestyle Junior Varsity
-, Wise, Alee, Rocks, X1:24.12. --, Burkhart, Samantha, Rocks, X1:24.13. --, McMillen, Sarah, Rocks, X1:26.88. --, Clouse, Karleigh, Rocks, X1:27.21. --, Austin, Ashtin, Rocks, X1:35.53. --, Newsom, Trista, Rocks, X1:44.06. --, Stewart, Danielle, Rocks, X1:56.90.