Citing public concerns and lack of proper permits, last week Guernsey County commissioners followed the lead of Belmont County when they signed a resolution opposing the proposed location and operation of a fracking waste treatment facility  at the Desmond Hall Industrial Park south of Cambridge by Columbus-based EnerGreen 360.
“The board of commissioners feels that we (Guernsey County) are already absorbing more than our share of frack-related waste with multiple injection wells being located in our county, which the board previously went on record in opposition of,” said commissioners in a resolution unanimously approved by President Ernest “Skip” Gardener, Vice President David L. Wilson and Commissioner Dave Saft.
EnerGreen 360 removes waste from drilling sites in Ohio.
“This untreated, radioactive material would be trucked into court community from the north, south and east, which means it would have to cross Wills Creek, which is the drinking water source for the City of Cambridge, as well as the entire Guernsey County Water Department system.,” Commissioners said in their resolution.
Earlier this month, EnerGreen 360 officials met with the Commission to discuss plans for the 37-acre tract of land in the industrial park. EnerGreen 360 is currently working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to receive the appropriate permits for the facility for the treatment and disposal of what the company says is not waste, but an extension of drilling operation and accompanied by an Ohio Department of Natural Resources/Ohio Environmental Protection Agency liability release.
Two weeks ago, the Guernsey County Commissioners fielded concerns about the project in a public meeting where they heard testimony from Robert Reiter, District Coordinator of the Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District. Reiter said EnerGreen 360 has not sought the appropriate waste disposal permits from the relevant local authorities. Several in attendance also expressed concerns about low levels of radiation emitted by the waste and potential risks to businesses and groundwater in the area.
Those concerns contributed to a unanimous vote on Wednesday, Oct. 14 on a resolution opposing the location and operation of the EnerGreen 360 facility in Guernsey County.  While the resolution formally states the Commission’s position on the proposed waste treatment site, it does not preclude EnerGreen 360 from constructing the facility, if they are able to receive the requisite permits from state agencies.
Guernsey County is the second local county to oppose a proposed EngerGreen 360 project.
 In 2014, beginning with a May 12th public meeting in Barnesville, leading to opposition by Barnesville Village Council, Belmont County Commissioners,  and several members of the Belmont County Port Authority, EnerGreen 360 eventually withdrew its proposal to lease property for a fracking waste recycling facility in the East Ohio Regional Industrial Park (JEDD I) on State Route 800 North just outside of Barnesville.