1937 – Somerton Co-op Creamery is dissolved with $6,500 disbursed among 56 stockholders.  
1938 – Somerset Twp. voters approve a bond issue to construct a new high school at a site selected on Johnson Ridge.
Republican gubernatorial candidate John W. Bricker speaks at the Grange Hall. Elected in November, Bricker later is the 1944 Republican candidate for Vice President before serving several terms as a U.S. Senator.     
1939 – Somerton’s last located physician Dr. Wm. Paul Johnson hangs his shingle.
1940 – The class of 1940 is the first to graduate from the new Johnson Ridge school. Classes at the school begin that fall.
The Methodist Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) is formed.
Somerset Township’s population is 1,393.
1941 – Vernon Bewley is appointed Somerton Postmaster.
The community’s last Civil War veteran and member of the local GAR Post, John T. Skinner, dies at the age of 96.
1942 – The Ridgerunner basketball team is encouraged by the first cheerleading squad.
1943 – The last tobacco crop of 40 hogsheads is shipped from Somerton by the firm of Steed and Skinner.
1944 – An Enterprise editorial “Somerton’s War Record” notes that the first area boy killed in action, first soldier taken prisoner in N. Africa, first prisoner to escape from a German prison camp and the most decorated soldier from this area is from Somerton.    
Fred Stephen is named Ridgerunner basketball coach.
1945 – The last burial takes place in Old Northern Cemetery – Amanda Martin.
The Ridgerunners are Class B County co-champs.
Jim Howell opens Howell Machine Shop, later J. Howell Machine, Inc.
The Mulberry Twig branch is formed to support Barnesville General Hospital.
1947 – The Knights of Pythias Lodge closes. They sell the former bank building to the Bewley family.
1948 – Ralph and Ruth Howell Carpenter open a grocery/ gas station repair shop on lot 14.
Richard Steele joins his father in business at Steele Funeral Home.
1950 – The Somerton Church of Christ adds Sunday school, Sunday and Wednesday evening services.
The population of Somerset Township is 1,099.  
1951 – The state revokes the charter of Somerset Township High School. The last graduates are issued diplomas.
1952 –Elementary schools in Somerton and Boston are consolidated at the former high school as Somerton Elementary.
1953 – Harold Steele places the first dial telephone call from the Somerton exchange’s new switching building on November 28th. Somerton Telephone is now part of the Ohio Bell System.   
1955 – The last Jerusalem Picnic is held.
1956 – Somerton Volunteer Fire Department is formed. A firehouse is erected north of the old school lot. Norman Gaines is elected the first Fire Chief.
1957 – Somerset Junior Grange #973 is formed. It will fold three years later.
1958 – The Somerset Township Board of Education votes to merge with the Barnesville Exempted School District. Gladys Timmons is named to serve on the Barnesville Board.  
Jim Howell opens Howell Airport along Route 8 three miles north of town.
The Richard Steele home is heavily damaged by fire on August 18.
1959 – J. Howell Machine and Howell are incorporated.
The Robert Wheeler home on the north end is heavily damaged by fire on May 20. The house was erected by W.P. Strahl in the 1920s.
1960 – Somerton firemen stage their first carnival and street parade on Saturday, August 13.
1961 – The residence of the James Burcher family on lot 39 is destroyed by fire in early January.
The firemen’s carnival expands to two-days on the second weekend of August.
1962 – Plumly Brother Lumber Company opens east of town. The business closes in 1973.
1963 – Barnesville lets bids for the construction of a new reservoir west of Somerton.
1964 – Slope Creek Reservoir is completed, the first water pumped to Barnesville on November 15. The lake covers 93 acres.
1965 – Somerton Masons mark the centennial of the lodge with a special commemorative service and dinner at Somerton School. The Ohio Grand Master is guest of honor.
Former high school principal and school superintendent J.R. Byers dies at the age of 74.
1967 – Route 8 becomes Route 800.  
Somerton Mity-Mite and Little Leagues teams both win summer Barnesville League championships.
1968 - Fred Stephen, principal, teacher and coach retires following a 42-year career. Stephen coached basketball for 24 of those years.  
1970 – Somerton Elementary School is closed in May. The building is sold at auction to Jim Christman of Jim’s Station Service on Oct. 24.  
Somerton VFD members are certified as the first EMTs launching the Somerton E-Squad – the first squad west of St. Clairsville in the county.   
    The population of Somerset Township is 910 – 1,388 less than the number of residents in 1850.
Former school superintendent Issachar Warfield dies at the age of 70.
1971 – Charles Bewley succeeds his father as Somerton Postmaster.
Jack Howell joins his father’s firm, J. Howell Machine.
1972 – Efforts area launched to obtain city water service for the community.
The stately brick house erected by Solomon Hogue in 1859 (lot 12) and the former Miles Mansion opposite Bewley’s Store dating to 1855 (lot 29), are both demolished.
1973 – Steele Funeral Home is sold merging with Campbell-Plumly Funeral Home, Barnesivlle.   
1974 – The Somerton Community Institute, one of the last in the region, is staged its final time at the Somerton Grange Hall.