Rick Doan dedicated his life to ensuring quality, accessible healthcare was available for all area residents.  He successfully guided Barnesville Hospital through times of significant change and unprecedented challenges. His vision and foresight established a course for a solid future for Barnesville Hospital. Rick understood the trials of operating a small hospital in a rural community and he also knew how important it was to continually upgrade and improve the facility and services offered. A new Emergency Department was his dream and he continually worked to make it a reality. It is with great pride the Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees has named the new Emergency Department “The Richard L. Doan Emergency Department.”
Rick passed away on February 26, 2015 at the age of 55. He had retired as Barnesville Hospital Administrator and Chief Executive Officer in 2012, after 25 years of service, making him one of Ohio’s longest serving hospital CEOs. Upon his retirement as CEO, Rick served on the Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees.
“Rick loved his family, his community and Barnesville Hospital,” said Mel Milburn, President, Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees. “The Board of Trustees wanted to honor Rick for his many years of dedicated service, his vision and his untiring efforts at Barnesville Hospital. We knew how important this project was to him and we thought it would be a fitting and deserving honor to name the new emergency department the Richard L. Doan Emergency Department.”
The Richard L. Doan Emergency Department will provide patients with private rooms, a comfortable waiting area, and improved access to care. A Fast Track/Urgent Care will also be added for the convenience of area residents who require care for non-emergency conditions.
“It was my privilege to work alongside Rick for over 15 years. I consider him my mentor,” said David Phillips, Barnesville Hospital Administrator and Chief Executive Officer. “Rick was thrilled when preliminary funding was secured and we were able to move forward on this much needed project. Rick made the historical motion to proceed with the project during his time on the Board. He was extremely active in the initial planning and fund raising efforts. Our only regret is that he won’t be here to see the project completed.”
Rick often bragged about the care provided by the staff at Barnesville Hospital. In 2012 when medical issues arose Rick personally chose to use the Barnesville Hospital Emergency Department and he wrote a letter to the staff afterwards in part stating, “Among the good fortunes I count is the confidence that I have in our Quality Caring Team. Your compassion, second only to your skill and professionalism, is what makes this hospital priceless--an incredible community treasure….. There was never any doubt that we give the best care ANYWHERE! Thank you from my heart.”
“Rick’s desire was for the physical structure of our Emergency Department to match the care we provided. The new Emergency Department will provide our staff and our community with the space, privacy and technology they need and deserve,” said Cynthia Touvelle, Chief Nursing Officer, Barnesville Hospital.  “Rick would be so pleased if he could see how this wonderful project has come together. We will forever be grateful to Rick for his leadership and for helping to make this project possible.”
The Barnesville Hospital Family strongly supported the renovation and expansion of the Emergency Department.  When Now is the Time, the campaign for a new emergency department was launched the hospital family, which includes  employees, Auxiliary, Board Members and physicians, all stepped forward and enthusiastically pledged almost $1 million toward the campaign.
The Emergency Department renovation and expansion project is on track for completion in the fall of 2015. Anticipated cost of the Richard L. Doan Emergency Department is $3.5 million. The Now is the Time campaign has raised over $2.4 million. Fund raising efforts are now reaching out to the community for their support.
Rick is the father of four children, T.J., Kelsey, Andrew, and Allison. He has six grandchildren.