It's four in the morning and after firing the wood heater, making a cup of Red Rose and sharpening my quill, I'm ready to dip my thoughts in the pleasure of writing a note to you folks.

Today is December third and our son Jamie's birthday. Due to a few complications he came into the delivery room "special delivery" and remains "special" to his mom as time goes by.

This morning we have a visit to the therapy department, an appointment at the doctor's and some errands to run. For someone who used to look forward to getting "out and about" that's a tall order and I'll breath a sigh of relief when we're back home again.

It's just a couple of weeks until we'll be playing hosts to the annual Reed Christmas and I hop I can "take it in stride" and see to my "must do" list. Any such gathering would be special if we only had each other but for me it'll tip the scales to be with my sisters and my brother once again. Family, food and frolic will abound.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to a basketball game in Beallsville. For the -man-around-the -house and me, the star of the show will be our grandson, Jared. Win, lose or draw it will be a pleasure for us to be there. Jared brought home a "six-pointer" during youth season and although I don't care for venison, I applaud Jared's good fortune and "good eye!"

Speaking of hunting, I have my eyes out for specials and savings at all times. When I can keep food on the table, bring most of what we need out in my cart, save as much as a half on my total and come home with a few treats to boot and some change in my jeans, that's a successful hunt and my trophy is knowing it was time well spent. VEK

Just in case I don't get to write you again before Christmas I though perhaps I'd give you an idea of how my thoughts run and for what mood swingin' comfort I look when I'm too tired to think anything but good thoughts. We have three sons and they each have a good wife and have provided Jim and me with , among the group, seven grandchildren, two great-granddaughters. The two older grandsons are married and both are employed by American Energy. Our youngest son, Eric, is a heavy equipment for Ohio West Virginia. Among the group we have football, basketball and baseball players. Our youngest granddaughter, Seonna, has made a name for herself, as a result of her love for horses, and has quite a collection of trophies and ribbons. Number on granddaughter, Kayla, is a senior at Monroe Central and studying to be a darn good cook for some lucky guy and their kids when the time arrives.

Our two youngest grandsons, Dylan and Jared, take a lot of kidding about their growing herd of Black Angus, but the hard work and monetary gains will help them have their heads on straight and a grin on their faces on their way to the bank!

Skylar, an avid hunter and poultry raiser and collector is at the age of sixteen, a country music lover and likes nothing better than working with his dad on the Chevy pick-up that he dreams of cruising along in and listening to his CD's.

If I sound like a "happy to be Mam Kernen" you darn betcha I am! VEK

P.S. I forgot to mention that Jared and I share marble collecting and I would have to says that we don't think we can get too many....