Extending from Barnesville High School to Olney Friends School on Shamrock Drive this sidewalk was constructed in 1975 by Barnesville Area Jaycees. It was done in memory of Johnna Murphy, an eighth grader, who was killed by a vehicle in February 1975 as she and friends were walking home along the edge of the roadway after a basketball game at the high school.

LESS THAN a month after the tragedy, Barnesville Jaycees proposed the building of this sidewalk to provide safety to future students and other pedestrians. At the time Dave Fitzpatrick was president of the club; Terry Carpenter was a state director, and Mike Barylak was chairman of the project. Careful and detailed planning called for all volunteer work by Jaycee members, fund raising by students and community and permission from village, township and individual property owners were required.

THE JAYCEES hoped to have the sidewalk completed by the beginning of the next school year in September, but weather and material holdups delayed the completion until October.


The granite marker and bronze plaque with Johnna's face was sculpted by the late James Lamson. This marker stands at the west end of the sidewalk at the high school driveway.

THE SIDEWALK was formally dedicated on November 9, 1975 with state dedication on November 9, 1975 with state Jaycee officials and Congressman Wayne L. Hays among the speakers.

METICULOUS RECORDS of the project were compiled by the project chairman, Mike Barylak. They received first place honors in district, state and national competition.