Jeanealities - January 28, 2009INAUGURALS COMPAREDIT WAS 28 years ago when I attended my one and only presidential inaugural. As I watched the events this year from start to finish - 9 a.m. until midnight - reminders of that event in 1981 kept popping up in my memory back.A LITTLE background: Jim Carnes organized the Belmont County group who flew to the nation's capital for a three-day stay. Among the group were: Jim and Jeff Carnes, Ruth and Keith Shepard, Frank and Cynthia Fregiato, Paul Schafer, Kelly and Frankie Hayden, Judge and Mrs. Harold Thomas, Tony Puskarich, Maria Sticco of the Times Leader and me. Our group stayed at Tysons Corners where Maria and I shared a room at the Westpark Hotel.SOME OF the similarities I want to share are these:Both Reagan and Obama succeeded president who were extremely unpopular - Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.