The Barnesville High School Swimmers traveled to the pool at Zanesville Rosecrans to swim in a triple duel against Zanesville Rosecrans, Philo and Northridge. The girls were able to swim away with a victory against all three other teams.

We havent been to Rosecrans for a couple years due to the weather, but this year we made it, said head coach Bobbi Jo Johnson. The biggest issue is that it is right after the holidays. The kids are usually sluggish and it kind of showed. Also at the time of the year the times sort of flatten out and we need to get back in the pool and just swim, but as usual they always surprise me and when push comes to shove the kids do well. Its not always where they want to be, but they do well.

Johnson said the upcoming week will be a rough one for the team with very little practice and three meets. The team will travel to their home school Wheeling Park for their senior night against Wheeling Park High School. Then on Wednesday a make-up meet, the St. Clairsville Invitational and on Thursday they go back to Wheeling to swim against The Linsly School.

RESULTS-Rosecrans-Barnesville- Northridge - 1/3/2013

Women 200 Yard Medley Relay 1, Barnesville High School A (Lucas, Hanna , Starr, Alexis , McMillen, Abbey , Gallaway, Emily ), 2:30.64. 2, Barnesville High School B (Burkhart, Samantha , Stewart, Rachel , Christman, Mallory , Cummings, Kiersten ), 2:42.61. 3, Barnesville High School C (Froehlich, Lexi , Clouse, Karleigh , Rienerth, Dana , Lemunyon, Lauren ), x2:58.35. Women 200 Yard Freestyle 2, Blattler, Carolyn, Shamrocks, 2:29.74. 3, Starr, Alexis, Shamrocks, 2:38.70. --, Lucas, Hanna, Shamrocks, X2:56.62. --, Gallaway, Emily, Shamrocks, X2:56.87. --, Froehlich, Lexi, Shamrocks, X3:12.14. --, Christman, Mallory, Shamrocks, X3:14.40. Men 200 Yard Freestyle 4, Skinner, Timmy, Shamrocks, 3:20.28. Men 200 Yard IM 1, Baker, Christopher, Shamrocks, 2:21.37. Women 50 Yard Freestyle 1, Gordon, Myka, Shamrocks, 28.77. 2, Jones, Olivia, Shamrocks, 29.04. --, Cummings, Kiersten, Shamrocks, X33.23. --, Lucas, Hanna, Shamrocks, X34.94. --, Burkhart, Samantha, Shamrocks, X36.28. --, Lemunyon, Lauren, Shamrocks, X36.55. --, McMillen, Abbey, Shamrocks, XDQ. Men 50 Yard Freestyle 2, Davidson, Brandon, Shamrocks, 28.19. Women 100 Yard Butterfly 1, McMillen, Abbey, Shamrocks, 1:24.94. 2, Rienerth, Dana, Shamrocks, 1:42.42. --, Christman, Mallory, Shamrocks, X1:46.88. Women 100 Yard Freestyle2, Gordon, Myka, Shamrocks, 1:06.56. 3, Blattler, Carolyn, Shamrocks, 1:07.45. --, Wells, Shelby, Shamrocks, X1:10.10. --, Cummings, Kiersten, Shamrocks, X1:19.70. --, Stewart, Rachel, Shamrocks, X1:23.23. Men 100 Yard Freestyle 4, Davidson, Brandon, Shamrocks, 1:08.72. Women 500 Yard Freestyle 4, Rienerth, Dana, Shamrocks, 9:06.65. Men 500 Yard Freestyle 1, Baker, Christopher, Shamrocks, 5:20.62. Women 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 1, Barnesville High School A (Blattler, Carolyn , Gordon, Myka , Wells, Shelby , Jones, Olivia ), 2:01.63. 2, Barnesville High School B (McMillen, Abbey , Cummings, Kiersten , Gallaway, Emily , Starr, Alexis ), 2:14.85. 4, Barnesville High School C (Clouse, Karleigh , Froehlich, Lexi , Lemunyon, Lauren , Christman, Mallory ), x2:31.73. Women100YardBackstroke3Jones,Olivia, Shamrocks, 1:19.50. --, Burkhart, Samantha, Shamrocks,X1:44.34. Women 100 Yard Breaststroke 1, Starr, Alexis, Shamrocks, 1:24.70. 2, Wells, Shelby, Shamrocks, 1:28.61. --, Stewart, Rachel, Shamrocks, X1:37.26. --, Clouse, Karleigh, Shamrocks, X1:51.88. Men 100 Yard Breaststroke 5, Skinner, Timmy, Shamrocks, 1:46.26. Women 400 Yard Freestyle Relay 1, Barnesville High School A (Blattler, Carolyn , Gordon, Myka , Wells, Shelby , Jones, Olivia ), 4:48.78. 2, Barnesville High School B (Stewart, Rachel , Rienerth, Dana , Lucas, Hanna , Gallaway, Emily ), 5:43.22. 3, Barnesville High School C (Burkhart, Samantha , Froehlich, Lexi , Clouse, Karleigh , Lemunyon, Lauren ), x6:18.30.