The coaches and top players at both Cambridge and Buckeye Trail were rewarded for quality seasons by the District 12 Volleyball Coaches Association.

Veteran coaches Rod Johnson of Cambridge and Jeff Beros of Buckeye Trail were among the "Coach of the Year" recipients while standout performers Rebecca Cline of the Lady Bobcats and Alexa Abrams of the Lady Warriors were among the "Player of the Year" selections for the 2009 season.

Johnson guided Cambridge to a 22-4 record and a spot in the Division II Regional Tournament and gained Coach of the Year" honors for Division I & II.

Cline took "Player of the Year" honors for Division II, witih Alyssa Miller of Tri-Valley as the Division I selection.

Other local girls joining Cline on the D-I/II first team are senior Clare Adams of John Glenn and junior Katherine Jirles of Meadowbrook.

Cambridge senior Alysa Rice was a second team selection. Beros led Trail to a 23-3 record and a district runner-up spot and was honored as "Coach of the Year" in Division III, with Abrams gaining "Player of the Year" accolades.

Joining Abrams on the first team are Trail senior Kaitlyn Wolfe; Barnesville senior Mackensie Touvelle and junior Heidi Hines; and Shenandoah senior Audra Schroeder.

Trail senior Lindsey Bardall gained second team recognition.

In Division IV, St. John Central swept the top honors, with Donnie Murray as "Coach of the Year" and Monika Figura as "Player of the Year."

Caldwell landed junior Lizzy Nau on the first team and junior Stacey Mugrage on the second unit.

Here's a look at the complete District 12 Volleyball Coaches Association All-Star Team and the players selected for the District 12 All-Star Match:

Division I/II

First Team -- Rebecca Cline, Cambridge, Sr.; Clare Adams, John Glenn, Sr.; Haley Vallee, Maysville, Sr.; Katherine Jirles, Meadowbrook, Jr.; Alex Pokas, St. Clairsville, Sr.; Alyssa Miller, Tri-Vally, Sr.; Martha Kunkler, New Lexington, Sr.

Second Team -- Alysa Rice, Cambridge, Sr.; Jess Moyer, Tri-Valley, Sr.; Mel Poorman, Maysville, Jr.; Hope Roberts, Philo, Jr.; Kristy Swinehart, Sheridan, Sr.; Audra Nelson, Morgan, Sr.; Alyssa Wolfe, New Lexington, Sr.

Honorable Mention -- Blake Lane, Maysville, Jr.; Laurie Ewart, Morgan, Jr.; Alex Lawler, Tri-Valley, Jr.; Kelsey Paden, John Glenn, Sr.; Sarah Murray, New Lexington, Jr.; Madison Bennett, Zanesville, Sr.; Megan Moore, Philo, Sr.; Candace Neff, Meadowbrook, Sr.; Sarah Sienski, St. Clairsville, Jr.; Maggie Starr, Cambridge, Sr.; Courtney Mautz, Sheridan, Sr.; Abby Williams, Morgan, Sr.; Katie Maurer, Tri-Valley, Jr.; Lindsay Buchanan, John Glenn, Jr.; Nataya Kimble, New Lexington, Jr.; Dayna Bonner, Zanesville, Sr.; Breann Voytko, Meadowbrook, Sr.; Taylor Mick, St. Clairsville, Sr.; Katie Davis, Cambridge.

Sr. Player of the Year -- Alyssa Miller, Tri-Valley (Division I). Rebecca Cline, Cambridge (Division II).

Coach of the Year -- Rod Johnson, Cambridge.

Division III

First Team -- Alexa Abrams, Buckeye Trail, Jr.; Kaitlyn Wolfe, Buckeye Trail, Sr.; Mackensie Touvelle, Barnesville, Sr.; Heidi Hines, Barnesville, Jr.; Kelsey Brooker, Fort Frye, Sr.; Alex Kuhn, Monroe Central, Jr.; Carley Gutridge, West Muskingum, Sr.; Audra Schroeder, Shenandoah, Sr.

Second Team -- Lindsey Bardall, Buckeye Trail, Sr.; Christina Parden, Monroe Central, Sr.; Kyle Fitch, Martins Ferry, Sr.; Hannah Robinson, West Muskingum, Jr.; Shayla Lucas, Union Local, Jr.; Lacy Huck, Fort Frye, Jr.; Chelsey Love, Crooksville, Sr.

Honorable Mention -- Macy Cordy, Bellaire, So.; Shayla Outward, Martins Ferry, Jr.; Jessica Clary, Barnesville, Jr.; Lindsay Schafer, Union Local, Jr.; Cheisie Roberts, Monroe Central, Fr.; Ellen Vandenburg, Fort Frye, Sr.; Eleea Smith, Crooksville, Sr.; Emilliee Winland, West Muskingum, Sr.; Katie Coleman, West Muskingum, Sr.; Carissa Wukelich, Shenandoah, So.; Annie Turner, River, Fr.; Lynsey Beros, Buckeye Trail, Fr.; Spencer Porter, Bellaire, Sr.; Taylor Kuminkoskie, Martins Ferry, Sr.; Karlie Russell, Union Local, Jr.; Katie Butler, Union Local, Jr.; Kayley Stephens, Monroe Central, So.; Deidra Combs, Fort Frye, Fr.; Michelle Derwader, Crooksville, Sr.; Emileigh Brocklehurst, West Muskingum, Sr.; Emily Long, Shenandoah, Jr.; Caralee Wukelich, Shenandoah, So.; Brianne McCune, River, Jr.; Morgan Abrams, Buckeye Trail, So.

Player of the Year -- Alexa Abrams, Buckeye Trail.

Coach of the Year -- Jeff Beros, Buckeye Trail.

Division IV

First Team -- Monika Figura, St. John Central, Sr.; Rebecca Garlick, Beallsville, Sr.; Lexie Hoff, Frontier, Sr.; Lizzy Nau, Caldwell, Jr.; Bailey Rittberger, Bishop Rosecrans, Jr.

Second Team -- Ashley Kimble, Frontier, Jr.; Rachel Benda, Bridgeport, Sr.; Ellie LeMasters, St. John Central, Jr.; Tory Jarrett, Beallsville, Sr.; Stacey Mugrage, Caldwell, Jr.

Honorable Mention -- Katlin Weisend, Caldwell, Jr.; Morissa Booth, Bridgeport, Jr.; Andrea LeMasters, St. John Central, Sr.; Makala Marlow, Frontier, Jr.; Alexis Kanzigg, Bishop Rosecrans, Jr.; Monica Westerheide, Bishop Rosecrans, Jr.; Chandra Schoeppner, Caldwell, So.; Jenae Vavrock, Bridgeport, Jr.; Andrea Timko, St. John Central, Jr.; Hilary Thacker, Frontier, Jr.; Stephanie Kanzigg, Beallsville, Sr.; Victoria Valent, Bishop Rosecrans, Jr.

Player of the Year -- Monika Figura, St. John Central.

Coach of the Year -- Donnie Murray, St. John Central.

Senior All-Star Match Players Division I/II -- Rebecca Cline, Cambridge; Clae Adams, John Glenn; Haley Vallee, Maysville; Alex Pokas, St. Clairsville; Alyssa Miller, Tri-Valley; Martha Kunkler, New Lexington; Audra Nelson, Morgan; Jess Moyer, Tri-Valley.

Division III -- Kaitlyn Wolfe, Buckeye Trail; Mackensie Touvelle, Barnesville; Kelsey Brooker, Fort Frye; Carley Gutridge, West Muskingum; Audra Schroeder, Shenandoah; Chelsey Love, Crooksville; Lindsey Bardall, Buckeye Trail; Christina Parden, Monroe Central.

Division IV -- Monika Figura, St. John Central; Rebecca Garlick, Beallsville; Lexie Hoff, Frontier; Rachel Benda, Bridgeport; Tori Jarrett, Beallsville.

Coaches -- Rod Johnson, Cambridge; Leigh Ann Longaberger, Tri-Valley; Jeff Beros, Buckeye Trail; Donna Murphy, Frontier.