THANK GOODNESS July is over! In spite of the craziness in the weather and daily news from our nation's capital, there was a lot going on right here. Beginning with the four-day 4th of July celebration with the Beast of the East and the Chamber of Commerce's chicken BBQ and the park's fireworks, it was followed a week later by the annual Barnesville High School Alumni Banquet and related gatherings and the B & O Depot 100th Anniversary observance. Three families, Wildman, Cheffy and Tickhill, and three individuals, Tom Lynch, John Schradel and Bruce Yarnall were especially honored for their acquisition, restoration, and preservation of the Depot.

A WEEK of trying to get back to a normal routine was still busy with the usual meetings and appointments.

ONE SHOCK was the death of Bill Chaney. We grew up together as part of a north end gang and were both in the Class of 1945. Bill was an exceptional trumpet player in the high school band and orchestra. He received district and state honors. He also was on the football team, but his best talent was in tennis. He was largely responsible for the Enterprise becoming part of the Dix News Media. When we had to change from a hot metal to an offset operation, we could no longer print our paper here. During this time, Bill Chaney caught me in a frustrated mood as we sat at the lunch counter in the Green Cottage and I aired my complaints. Bill asked if we would want to sell the paper. He knew of someone who had expressed an interest in buying the Enterprise. At that moment I wold have given it away. Anyway, Bill contacted the Dix men in Martins Ferry and the ownership changed. The Cambridge Jeffersonian was also owned by Dix.

A WELCOME change came the last week of July when daughter Beth came in mid-week and took me on a trip to western Pennsylvania to visit two places on my bucket list. More on that in the future.

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