Kudos to the Barnesville Hospital for being a vital and important part of our community. Your staff has saved my life twice.

Unfortunately, this letter will also reveal how disappointed I am in your closing of the Cardiac Rehab Phase III program.

I have gone through the Phase II program twice and I am currently in the Phase III program. Through these programs I have strengthened my body and am currently working full-time at Riesbeck's. This program helped me tremendously.

Many of the Phase III patients are retired and elderly. Two days a week they have someone to monitor their health. I know of three people that Vickie, Rocky and Betty sent to the emergency room when they came to exercise. Another 81-year-old was retaining fluid and they suggested he should see his doctor. He's now taking Lasix and feeling better.

As to the exercising, many of these people will not go somewhere else, thus affecting their health.

The hospital should review its decision for the benefit of our community. I'm sure rooms upstairs could be combined to make a bigger room for both cardiac programs. I'm positive there are nurses working there that would welcome extra hours. This would be a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Please reconsider your decision to close this program. Thank you for your consideration in this serious matter.

Cindy Froehlich