REUNIONS OF all kinds seem to fill every summer weekend. Last week was a bonanza. Epworth Park Homecoming and Bethesda Festival and the Ohio Hills Folk Festival (called homecoming by locals) are not called reunions, but they serve the same purpose, just as our Pumpkin Festival does. The Barnesville High School Alumni Banquet weekend attracted seven reunions of BHS classes dating between 50 and 75 years. Another is set for July 29.

THESE REUNIONS and the B&O Depot 100th Anniversary event were all inspiring with their accounts of individual successes and results of their combined successes and contributions. It makes Barnesville-lovers feel proud and happy.

FAMILY REUNIONS are equally popular. One of the oldest and largest is the annual Myers-Hamilton Reunion which will be held July 29 at Memorial Park from 1-5 p.m. But this year is extra special. Those attending will join with the Belmont County Genealogical Society at the Captina Cemetery where the latter has provided a new grave marker to re-dedicate the grave site of Singleton Briggs, one of the last two Civil War veterans from Barnesville. Speakers at this event will be John Mattox and Bruce Yarnall. Civil War Roundtable groups have been invited to attend as well.

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