WHAT HAPPENED to those "lazy, hazy days of summer"?

The number of summer events and activities seem to increase every year. After Memorial Day, pools open, playgrounds are filled with varied activities, the lakes attract boaters and swimmers, and there is camping and outdoor eating with family and friends. Then there are all the summer sports such as baseball, softball, Mighty Mite and Little League ball, and tennis. Taking part in any of these or simply observing, takes up much of our time, as does watching TV games.

THE LONG July 4th weekend with neighbors, family and friends gathering for picnics and watching fireworks, while most enjoyable, requires a lot of work and preparing food for all of these times and cleaning up afterward. After a short breather of a few days, folks in the this area busied themselves getting ready for last weekend's special occasions. In Bethesda it was getting ready for and holding the Chautauqua Homecoming and Bethesda Festival. Our neighbors in Quaker City were in the same routine for their annual Ohio Hills Folk Festival. Here in Barnesville it was Barnesville High School Alumni Banquet time and a flurry of planning for the many class reunions. Then there was the 100th Anniversary of the B & O Depot event and the nearby Watt Center open house.

IT WOULD be wonderful to enjoy all of these yearly events, but utterly impossible. If you're all rested from last week, then you can continue the fast pace by attending the Jamboree In The Hills near Morristown. It's the hottest week of the summer.

Frankly, I think I'll just take a cool drink and sit outside under a tree and enjoy nature's quiet beauty.

jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise Associate. She may be reached at jeandavies@comcast.net.