SINCE THE beginning of the Barnesville historic buildings, we've called them by an incorrect name -- names that have become generally accepted as correct. For more than a century we've called our municipal building the City Building and the train station the Depot.

CHECKING BACK to Barnesville's first history book by R.H. Tanneyhill, published in 1899, Taneyhill had a section titled City Improvements and wrote, "In 1876 a city hall was erected on the west side of Arch Street. In 1896 this town building was destroyed by fire."

DR. D.O. Sheppard published his STORY OF BARNESVILLE in 1940. It contains many "city" references - "City Building, City Mail Delivery, City Mills, City Parks and City Scales."

THE 2008 Pictorial History notes, "City Bakery, City Building, City Flouring Mills, City Hall, City Loan, City Park, and City Scales. But all of these uses of city are incorrect. BARNESVILLE HAS NEVER BEEN A CITY! The 1940 census said we were by surpassing the 5,000 population quota with 5,004 persons, however, not wanting to take on the additional expense and other requirements of a city, the village just moved the corporation signs on the Olivet Road back and moved eight residents out of the village.

THE B&O Depot is marking its 100th anniversary this year and a special event is being held in its honor on Saturday, July 8 between the hours of 1 and 3 in the afternoon at the Depot. The public is invited to hear the illustrious history of this building and meet with many who made its preservation possible for continued use. The Depot will be open for visitors and refreshments will be served.

DAVE ADAIR, railroad historian of this area, will be on hand to recount some of his invaluable part in fund raising for the building's restoration with entertaining programs. His love of this railroad and its connection with the many small mines continues to be one of his passionate interests.

It was Dave Adair who informed the group recently about the incorrect name of our Depot. Train stations built of wood, are depots while those made of brick are called stations.

MAKE A choice - come down the hill from the City Building to the B & O Depot or come down the hill from the Municipal Building to the B & O Station. Either way, you can celebrate the anniversary of this century-old landmark.

jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise Associate. She may be reached at