Whilst we all recognize there is a huge problem with opioid abuse throughout the U.S. and particularly in Ohio, the state legislature is going to make profound restrictions on patients' ability to receive pain medications.

This is going to take the form of SB119 and HB 167.

If these bills are enacted, there will be draconian measures that will make it almost impossible if not completely prevent primary care doctors from prescribing pain medications in the long-term.

We all know there are some patients who need narcotics and unless something is done, it is going to be very difficult for them to receive these medications. Pain doctors do not always prescribe pain medications and there are certainly not enough pain doctors to cover all the pain patients in the state of Ohio.

In addition, doctors prescribing Suboxone are going to undergo significant restrictions in August. Again, this is a time we should be helping to make treatment more accessible, not more difficult.

I urge you to contact your state and federal legislature officials and register your concerns.

Yours sincerely.

Russell Lee-Wood, MD