Life isn't easy; one would have to live under a rock not to know that, after all, there are a lot of people turning to drugs and alcohol in order to escape the reality of life.

Last Sunday, at the First Christian Church, we had a dedication of the Charles Wilson Prayer Room. Pastor Ed Eberhart based his sermon around the power of prayer. For those who don't know . . . there is power in prayer.

My own life is a perfect example that prayer really does change things. In the past, I saw it change the outcome of my mom's need for dialysis. Doctors and nurses saw no hope, but prayer changed that. She lived three unexpected years without dialysis.

Doctors were certain that my sister Debbie would not survive the esophageal cancer she'd been diagnosed with. Some twenty years later; she's proof of the power of prayer.

Most recently, my "adoptive nephew," Cody Szabo was thought to have cancer. Prayer warriors went into action, praying for Cody's healing. Doctors almost seemed unwilling to accept that Cody did not have cancer as they continued doing invasive procedures testing for it. Cody's prayer warriors knew the reason for his benign results. Just another example in the power of prayer.

Of course I know in a world full of skeptics there are those who refuse to believe. "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible" - Thomas Equinas.

If you're tired of fighting your problems in life alone, turn to God, turn to prayer. Just as Pastor Eberhart said last Sunday, prayer may not always change your circumstances, but it will change you. What do you have to lose? The great thing about prayer is there is no right way or wrong way to do it, just talk to God; he's available 24/7 and what better place to start than utilizing the Charles Wilson Prayer Room. God will do the rest.

Cheryl Forshey,