IT'S COMMON knowledge that as one ages she -- or he -- gets "set in their ways". To that I agree. I'm living proof of it.

LAST WEEK, on one day, I learned that two close friends were moving to assisted living facilities. Their addresses that had been familiar for several decades were changed. They had to downsize which meant giving up some things. But, like me, they had amazing family to do the major work, and re-settle their aging parents.

AT A recent civic luncheon meeting I noted another big change. The Catholic priest and Protestant minister both appeared in shorts. During most of my years, men of the cloth were easily recognized by priests who wore dark shirts with high, stiff collar, and others who mostly wore suits with shirt and tie and some with a small cross. I never thought I'd see mail men in shorts, either, but they've become the uniform of the day in summer.

PEPPERIDGE FARM has made another change, and I don't like it. For years, I've had two slices of their raisin-cinnamon bread toasted for breakfast. I could always find it in the bread aisle by the cinnamon aroma. But that's changed. The cinnamon-raisin bread was marked 80 calories. It had lots of raisins with tasteless, blended cinnamon. The next week it came in thick slices and now in thick brown sugar - cinnamon bread. There's another common saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

BARNESVILLE HIGH School's Jr.-Sr. banquet and prom have been held at Undo's in St. Clairsville on the same day as my brother Al's birthday party at Park Health in St. Clairsville, in the afternoon. Some of us went to Undo's for supper and to watch the BHS students come in all decked out in their formal attire. The big change this year was the number of girls' gowns with long trains. The girls looked so pretty and the guys so handsome! It was "a night to remember."

jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise associate. She may be reached at