EASTER MONADY is noted on all calendars, and I've wondered why. Finally, I asked my faithful family researcher to Google it for me. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics seem to be the principal observers. The Roman Catholics recognize it as part of Easter Week and observe with solemn remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection and an outdoor procession.

Others celebrate in a more secular way with egg hunts and egg roll competitions, dances and feats. In the USA thousands take par in the White House Easter Egg Roll.

TWO WEEKS after Easter Monday this year, was May Day on Monday, May 1. While it's not a prominent holiday in our country, its history shoes it has been one of the world's oldest and one of the principal festivals, even before Christ.

When the Romans occupied the British Isles, they took the festival with them and it became a time to worship and celebrate Flora, the goddess of flowers. The Puritans discouraged this, but many of the rituals survived. The tradition of singing and dancing around a maypole tied with colorful streamers of ribbon which the children moved back and forth around the pole. Other traditions include choosing a May Queen and the creation of a May basket to hang on the door knob of a neighbor or loved one's house.

BARNESVILLE HIGH School observed May Day with a May Pole, Queen, and games. However, it has been replaced by Great White Day with Awards Day presentations during the morning and games in the afternoon on Monday, May 15. More about this later.

WHATEVER THE day, the late Hal Borland wrote, "May is the sense of reassurance. It is essentially an inner feeling of order and rightness in this green and growing world in which we live. No matter what man may be doing with his own affairs, making unpredictable mischief or dreaming of a better tomorrow, the season is going about fundamental and enduring matters as it has been doing for a long, long time."

jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise associate.

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