COLUMBUS--State Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) recently introduced legislation aimed at restoring local control to school districts and reducing testing in Ohio, establishing stability for teachers and encouraging student success in the classroom.

House Bill 176 works to give parents, teachers, and school board members the opportunity to make their voices heard by permitting school districts to decide whether or not they want to eliminate Common Core standards and assessments. Drafted in coordination with schools and parents, the bill ensures local control on matters related to educational standards, testing, teacher and principle evaluations and the assessment of resident educators.

"With a new administration in Washington, now is the perfect time to eliminate federal intervention and to restore local control," Rep. Thompson said. "This passion to support teachers and to protect students is one I share with parents from all across Ohio."

Beyond these provisions, the bill also protects students by preventing the collection of their personal data. Currently, student data such as social security numbers, medical records, and school grades can be sent to technology companies for their use.

House Bill 176 now awaits assignment to a House committee, as well as further testimony.