Family physicians value science and evidence -- our profession is built on these foundations. Attacks on science are nothing new in our society. Anti-vaccine myths have been around for years.

But, now President Trump's anti-science budget blueprint takes the anti-science movement to a whole new level. The administration is proposing across-the-board cuts to an array of critical agencies that impact health.

One example that will hit patients close to home is the proposal to fold the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) into the National Institute of Health. AHRQ is the federal agency charged with improving the safety and quality of the American health care system. AHRQ's research helps physicians and other health care professionals make informed decisions and provides essential support to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which makes evidence-based recommendations specifically for primary care.

Science should not be a partisan issue. Actions that harm science, research, and medicine in the United States are dangerous, shortsighted, and not in the best interest of anyone. Family physicians stand firm in defending the vital role that science plays in public health and ensuring a healthy future for all.

Ryan D. Kauffman, MD, FAAFP

Family Physician, Bellefontaine, OH

President, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians