On Saturday, March 18 the Belmont County Historical Society was pleased to host here in Barnesville, the regional meeting of the Ohio Local History Alliance. We welcomed 20 some guests interested in the history of this area at the Hutton Memorial Library Annex.

Many contributed to the success of this daylong event. I would especially like to thank Mayor Dale Bunting for his welcome to Barnesville, Dr. John Mattox of the Underground Railroad Museum in Flushing, Kyle Yoho of the Castle in Marietta, Cyrus Moore of Athens, and Andy Verhoff of the Ohio History Connection in Columbus for their participation and presentations. John spoke of the challenges of running and funding a small museum in 21st century America, Andy gave great pointers for getting grants and funding from the state. Kyle Yoho and Cyrus Moore spoke of upcoming plans to commemorate America's 1917 entry into the First World War. Mayor Bunting spoke what's going on in Barnesville, Ohio.

Among those locally who also contributed were: Sonotone, Belmont Savings Bank, Wesbanco, Barnesville Hospital, Riesbecks's, Save-a-lot, Kemp Insurance, Tom Johnson Nationwide, Avenues, Do It Best Barnesville, Flag Floors, the Barnesville Enterprise, the Belmont Tourism Council, Food by Jane Miric, board members of the BCHS and Astoria Place.

Planning a daylong event for several counties is never an easy thing, but many reached out to assure this event be a success. As President of the Belmont County Historical Society, I extend my thanks and appreciation. Many hands truly make for a lighter load!

Emery Stewart,

President, Belmont County Historical Society