The Barnesville Exempted Village School District uses the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) to improve student achievement. The OIP was developed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) with the support of the U.S. Department of Education. It emphasizes teachers, school leaders, and district leaders using data to make instructional decisions to improve student learning through shared tools and resources.

Many school districts in Ohio utilize the Ohio Improvement Process whether they are required to or not. Schools which are placed in improvement status by the Ohio Department of Education based upon local report card data must use the OIP framework to help increase student achievement.

The OIP involves four stages across which processes, structures, tools, and people are connected all with the intent of helping districts. Classroom teachers, principals, and district leaders take part in this four-stage process:

Use data to identify areas of greatest need;

Develop a focused plan with a limited number of goals and strategies targeted at instructional practice and student performance;

Implement and monitor; and

Evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement process in changing instructional practice and student performance.

The process is cyclical. Teachers use student achievement data to evaluate classroom instruction and with the input from others, teachers improve what they do and how they do it.

Using the Decision Framework, Barnesville Exempted Village School District's identified its goal for the 2016-17 school year as the following: Students will demonstrate progress in math by achieving one letter grade higher in the Achievement, Progress, and Gap Closing component measures as evidenced on the Local Report Card for 2016-17.

The Ohio Improvement Process focuses on a team approach. Classroom teachers attempt to meet weekly in Teacher Based Teams (TBTs) to gauge the progress on their building goals. The classroom teachers in the same grade level or subject area as well as other support personnel and the building principal attend the TBTs.

Building Leadership Teams (BLTs) include classroom teachers, the building principal, and the superintendent. These teams attempt to meet monthly to ensure progress on the building OIP goals. Furthermore, the District Level Team (DLT) includes classroom teachers, building principals, and the superintendent. The DLT attempts to meet quarterly. Both the BLTs and DLT provide supportive and objective feedback based on data. These teams give the buildings another perspective on their work and they suggest ways for teachers to reach every student.

Barnesville Schools' involvement in the Ohio Improvement Process ensures the district is focusing on increasing student achievement through a collaborative process at the classroom, building, and district levels.