Trump's first address to a joint session of Congress was nothing short of terrifying. To everyone who is residing in this country without documentation, I am sorry my political system is dong this to you. To everyone who is in this country with documentation, we MUST stand with our friends, neighbors, and community members who are about to be targeted by the federal government.

The way Trump is presenting it, his new program called VOICE will serve as a government-sponsored propaganda outfit to whip up anti-immigration sentiments, "highlighting" crimes of undocumented migrants so as to bolster anti-immigration legislation, raise support for raids, and brow beat institutions such as schools that have stepped up to protect people.

The Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are being given the next step in the logic of their power to preemptively strike at those deemed to be enemies of the empire and terrorize those populations. This is xenophobia in a well-orchestrated symphony, a conductor before Congress dictating the beat.

If VOICE achieves the full potential of the power it promises, each and every one of us in this country is going to be called forth and asked to either cooperate or resist. Obama gave us false hope. He promised to dismantle much of the state that Bush bequeathed to him. He didn't. People paid a price for that political choice.

Therefore, only by committing ourselves to the mission of dismantling this nightmare of a "security" state will we be able to achieve peace for the residents of this democracy. Our resistance must be more than partisan. Our voices, our bodies, and our wellbeing must be enlisted to stop this. If we are victorious in defeating Trump and his VOICE, we will also have to take this fight to the Democrats and Republicans who permitted this travesty to commence,

Wesley Bishop,

Salesville, Ohio