At the Barnesville Village Council meeting on Monday 2/6 congratulations were shared between Village Council and Ohio EPA representative Steve Saines about the completion of Barnesville's Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP).

As a Concerned Barnesville Area Resident, (CBAR) I want to thank the Village Council for including wording in the SWPP expressing the preference that ODNR deny well permits within 1,000' of the reservoirs. This is welcome, though short of CBAR's preferred request to keep shale wells outside the watersheds.

In any case, since the SWPP is non-binding, well pad placement was always going to end up as a choice by Gulfport and/or ODNR whether to honor the concerns of area residents by keeping shale well pads outside the watershed. Until we hear definitively about Gulfport's and ODNR's decisions in this matter, I won't know whether the SWPP will prove a major step in protecting our water or mostly a public relations show.

John M. Morgan