I would like to address an ongoing issue in my neighborhood. I live in the 300 block of South Gardner Street in Barnesville. I have grown up in this town and have made it my home. For the past three years I have been trapping, spaying and or neutering, then releasing feral cats. I have also helped a few neighbors with spaying and neutering their cats because they live off of a fixed income and can not afford the cost. I do this on my own time and solely with my own money. I spend thousands of dollars every year doing this.  There is an over population of feral cats in this neighborhood as well as others. That is why I do this.  I have been able to participate in the low cost spay neuter program through Webark, a no kill animal organization.   You can tell if a cat has been altered by looking at their left ear. The tip has been cut off.  I trap cats on South Gardner and South Broadway.
I have unfortunately been finding cats and dogs that have been shot with a high powered BB gun, and cats and dogs that have been poisoned. Someone who lives on the 300 block of South Broadway is doing this.  
These cats and dogs are peoples’ pets. They are loved and needed by their owners. I spoke with one individual who told me that there are some days she is so depressed that the only reason she is able to get up in the mornings is because of her companionship with her cats, both inside and outside cats.  There are other people who live in the area who have lost their spouse. The cats that come to her home give her great joy and she enjoys sitting on her porch petting the cats. These cats are their lives. By killing their pets, you are indirectly deepening their depression and sorrow.
When I set my traps out I put food in them to convince the cats to go in the cages. I have found these shot cats and poisoned cats in my traps.  Sometimes dead and sometimes alive, depending on how long the traps have been set.  I have also had cats that have been shot come to my home to eat the food I have out for them. It is heart breaking for me to watch an animal suffer. That is why I spend my money and time trapping these cats, so they do not suffer and they do not reproduce anymore.   
Who ever it is that is shooting and poisoning these animals, you are making them suffer for DAYS!  They dies a very long and  painful death.
I am able to find homes for most of these cats. I work with a local cat rescue who finds homes for them. The cats that I release back into the neighborhood are pets for someone. I will not release a homeless cat. I will find it a home.  
So shooting the local cats and or poisoning them is an unnecessary inhumane extermination of someone’s loved pet, whether you know it has an owner or not. I know a majority of the cats in this neighborhood, and I can tell you who or where it came from. I have also noticed the 20 or 30  cats I have trapped over the years have disappeared. They have been killed. AFTER  they were altered.  It was not necessary to kill them because I have already taken care of the reason you are killing them. To stop them from having more kittens.
I am pleading with you sir, to please STOP shooting these cats!  I am also pleading with who ever it is that is baiting the canned cat food with poison. Stop! I am working on getting the cat population down. I am working with most if not all of the area cat owners that can not afford to spay and neuter their pets.  
We as humans have evolved from the barbaric act of shooting and killing feral cats.  There is a better alternative.
I also ask that if you have time to sit in your garage and or on your porch at night and wait for the cats to come into your yard so you can shoot them, please track them after you have shot them, and bury them. It is heart breaking to go for your morning walk to find dead cats laying about. I also ask that you please stop throwing them into the trees and or on the hillside, on the old railroad tracks, if you do happen to shoot them dead. People do use that for walking.
With the help of Webark , the Back Street Cat rescue, and myself, we can control the over population of cats in this area. If anyone would like to discuss the matter with me please feel free to contact me. Or if you would like to know more about the low cost spay and neuter program through Webark. My email address is dcreed1@comcast.net

Debbie Reed