THESE THREE JOHNSON sisters were the last three living members of the Joseph and Ora Johnson family,  longtime Barnesville residents.  After Wanda’s death last November 2013, the estate the sisters had established was made known in the will filed in Probate Court.
     AMONG THE major beneficiaries is the Main Street United Methodist Church which they served all their lives.  The women were active in its United Methodist Women’s organization, and Margaret was its church organist for many years.
     MEMORIAL PARK is another major beneficiary. The estate generously funded the extensive kitchen and rest rooms renovation project which was dedicated to the memory of the Johnson family.
     THE JOHNSON women not only lived together, but also were employed in abutting locations; Margaret, who died in 1993, retired as a vice president of the First National Bank of Barnesville at 101 East Main; Wanda was chief office manager of the former G.C. Murphy Company next door at 103-105 East Main; and Dorothy retired in 1984 after working for Atty. William Chaney for 40 years next door at 111 East Main.  Dorothy also was recognized by Dr. D.O. Sheppard for her “excellent service in typing manuscripts” for his STORY OF BARNESVILLE.
     AMONG SOME of the other beneficiaries of the Johnsons’ generosity are Barnesville Hospital, Hutton Memorial Library, Barnesville VFW and the Wound Warriors.
jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise associate.  She may be reached at