Adelina is the daughter of Andrew and Iuliana Suler from the city of Fagaras, Romania which is just a couple of miles from Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.   She went to college for three years at  Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania studying marketing.   She qualified, as an exemplary student for a three-month visa, for an international work and travel program to the United States.  She went to the state of Delaware in 2005 where she worked for the summer.  Toward the end of this time she visited a Romanian friend living in Ohio, stayed for two weeks then went home to Romania.  After another year, she came back to her friend’s in Pickerington, Ohio and the family her friend was living with offered Adelina a job with their multiple local businesses. Meanwhile, Adelina decided to continue and improve her marketing studies here in the United States.   She was able to transfer some of her credits here, but not all of them so her graduation took her two and a half years longer than it would have in Romania.  
The immigration and international laws are so stringent that proof of her employment, schooling and sponsorship, even her sponsor family’s bank statements  had to be verified.  Also, a college education here in the United States is more expensive than in Romania so, in order to put herself through college,  she worked part time for Franklin University and full time as a marketing intern for her sponsor family, while being a full time student. She became experienced in everything from food service  to  small business marketing, accounting and human resources, to working as a State Farm Insurance receptionist and auto bank loan specialist.  She graduated from Franklin University in Columbus in August 2009, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, summa cum laude.
She decided that the hospitality industry was more suitable for her personality, so she obtained a full time job in September 2009 at the Jefferson Country Club in Blacklick, Ohio.  She started out as a banquet server moving up to the dining room, then dining room manager.  This is where and how she met Shawn Thompson of Barnesville.  Shawn was the head golf professional at the Jefferson Country Club at this time.  They were married August 2010 and have a son, Blaine who is two years old.  They went to Romania for Blaine’s baptism and spent time with Adelina’s parents, sister, grandparents and extended family.    They continued living and working in Blacklick for another year and a half before moving home to Barnesville and then Quaker City.  
    This move was in order to fulfill Shawn’s lifetime dream of running and owning the Whiskey Run Golf Course.  At this time, they are new managers of the golf course, golf club, restaurant,  bar, and the lodge.  Whiskey Run Golf Club and Lodge was the first place Shawn golfed, as well as his first job in golf.  The bar and restaurant are open.  For now the restaurant  has a limited menu of panini sandwiches,and pizza etc.,  but within three to four weeks it will be a full menu restaurant.  Plans are to have the golf course ready by mid April with a grand opening Memorial Day weekend.  Shawn will be giving golf lessons in addition to everything else.  They are also owners/operators of their business BMT Industries, LLC.   Shawn and Adelina have the same focus, ambition and determination, and no doubt all their endeavors will be a great success!
     Adelina loves helping her husband’s dream, now their dream, become a reality and they have been working tirelessly side by side to achieve this dream.   She speaks lovingly of Shawn’s parents, Denny and Becky Thompson for welcoming her with open arms and hearts, and supporting and helping them so much.  They too, are now Adelina’s family and  Quaker City is her home.  
     In getting to know...........Adelina Thompson you will first hear her beautiful voice and accent and then see a warm and loving wife, mother, daughter and successful business woman who adores her family and embraces this community.